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Spend a Day at The Kiawah Island Club

Spend a Day at The Kiawah Island Club

May 9, 2021

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A Day in the Life of a Kiawah Island Club Member

As a private Island with so much to offer, the opportunities for adventure here are truly endless. Kiawah Island is blessed with an idyllic charm that no other place in the Lowcountry is able to emulate. Between the unspoiled beaches just begging to be enjoyed, and the tranquil vistas that make you feel like you have been transported to another world, it’s no wonder many are flocking to the Island in search of a personal escape

Nonetheless, imagine having access to some of the country’s most exclusive amenities, events, and dining experiences, all within your own community. Kiawah Island Club Members are able to take advantage of these perks for true resort-style living in the Lowcountry. 

Join us and embrace the Kiawah Island Club lifestyle here on the Island. Continue reading below to discover the benefits of being a Member and the unsurpassable value that comes with it. 

Resort-Style Living at The Kiawah Island Club

Here is just a taste of the countless possibilities for you to make the most of your Kiawah Island Club Membership. Whether you are a full-time or part-time resident of the Island, you will see first-hand why a Club Membership is considered a must-have here. 

1. Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Each morning is another opportunity to indulge in the expansive amenities available to you. Start the day with a rejuvenating workout at the Sports Pavillion in Cassique, where you can play tennis, racquet sports, or take a dip in the Olympic-size pool. Once you are finished, stop by the beloved Sasanqua, the Island’s private spa that sits on the banks of the Kiawah River. The spa is complete with a sauna, steam room, whirlpool, outdoor meditation area, and full-service salon — everything Members need to start the morning off right.

2. Navigate Top-Ranked Greens

As that day continues, your path to adventure may look different depending on your mood and what you are interested in doing on that particular day. 

Spend your afternoon at one of the seven renowned golf courses situated on the Island. The Ocean Course is always a great choice, especially for any players out there who have yet to visit the PGA-sanctioned venue. Club Members, however, get additional access to the members-only River Course and Cassique, two exclusive courses designed by Tom Fazio and Tom Watson — some of the biggest names in golf.

Highly-ranked courses aren’t the only golf perk Club Members get to enjoy. Cassique is home to the Golf Learning Center, a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced technology that can analyze your swing, putting skills, and so on. This center was specifically designed for the golfer who is always looking to improve their game. 

3. Bask in All of Kiawah’s Glory

Members often spend their days lounging by the pool or at the sandy shores of The Beach Club. Designed by the renowned Robert A.M. Stern, this elegant clubhouse offers three separate pools that connect to a long stretch of picturesque beach. It’s the perfect place for families looking to spend some fun, quality time together. You can also head over to Marsh House, an elegant space for gathering with family and friends. Each indoor and outdoor area is equipped with everything you could ever need to sit back with your loved ones, relax, and take in the awe-inspiring view. 

Coming in 2023, the Kiawah Island Club will open a second beach club in West Beach, called the Cape Club.

4. Invite Guests to the Island

If you need to accommodate overnight guests, Kiawah Island Club Members have access to three private Club Cottages located next to Bass Creek. Each individual cottage is beautifully decorated and provides a comfortable place for your guests to retreat after a long day of adventure. 

5. Try Your Hand at Clay Shooting

The Sporting Club is the Club’s 800-acre property that appeals to sportsmen — and women, alike. Hone your target shooting skills under the guidance of a shooting professional. As always, Members are supplied with everything they need for practice. 

Levels of Membership at The Kiawah Island Club

Kiawah residents are eligible for Membership by purchasing a qualified property or new homesite. With three Membership levels to choose from, you can determine the type of experience you want for you and your family. 

Golf Membership

With the Golf Membership you are allowed use of all facilities and amenities at the Island’s five public and two private courses — Cassique and the River Course, along with the Sports Pavilion, Sasanqua Spa, and the Beach Club. This includes all forms of golf, fitness, social, and sporting facilities. The Golf Membership comes in both Individual and Family options that allow everyone in your household to have privilege to the same access as you, the Member. Best of all, you are offered VIP tee times and never have to pay greens fees when a part of the Golf Membership.

Sports Membership

The Sports Membership also gives you access to the Island’s seven golf courses, plus a reduced rate in greens fees. With the Family Sports Membership, you are entitled to The River Course and Cassique, Sasanqua Spa, Sports Pavilion and the Beach Club. The Individual Membership allows your family members to use all dining and recreational facilities, with the exception of golf courses and clubhouses.

Social Membership

A Social Membership is ideal for Kiawah homeowners interested in having access to the Beach Club, Cassique Clubhouse, Sasanqua Spa, Sports Pavilion, and River Course Clubhouse. Those not particularly interested in the golf aspect of a Membership may prefer this option as an alternative. 

Elevate Your Kiawah Island Experience

The Kiawah Island Club is solely dedicated to enhancing your time on the Island. Ultimately allowing you to live life the way it’s intended — tucked away among the whispering marsh and roaring sea, with exquisite amenities and timeless adventures waiting for you. 

For more information about the Kiawah Island Club and its offerings, contact us by clicking the button below. If you are planning to visit the Island, stop by one of our offices to say hello!