Let Kiawah’s Golf Learning Center Teach You to Golf

Let Kiawah’s Golf Learning Center Teach You to Golf

February 24, 2021

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Improve Your Golf Game at the Golf Learning Center

When you’re the host of the 2021 PGA Championship, you better have a state-of-the-art golf facility to show you mean business. Therefore, we’re thrilled Kiawah Island Club Members have the opportunity to hone their skills at the Golf Learning Center. 

Read all about the technology and amenities you’ll find at the Golf Learning Center and take a look at what it’s like to live where you play. Get ready to improve your golf game!

A Look at The Golf Learning Center

Nestled within the beautiful community of Cassique is the state-of-the-art Golf Learning Center. Open to Members only, this facility features three fully functional bays for club fitting, short game, and swing analysis. Along with a science and Motion PuttLab to help you improve your golf game. The Center’s on-site fitness room features golf-specific workout equipment that improves a player’s range of motion and overall strength. Of course, the facility’s placement within Cassique offers spectacular views of the links-style course the community is centered around. 

You’ll notice the Center’s features and design was inspired by similar facilities such as Jupiter Hills and Baltusrol. “Its mission is simple”, says Carol Preisinger, Head of Golf Instruction, “we want you to enjoy the game of golf at the highest level that you can. Members and guests can come and accelerate their game, accelerate their learning, and enjoy their time with us.” 

Technology Designed for the Pros

Each bay focuses on a specific aspect of the golf experience, but all of them use the same state-of-the-art technology you’d find on the PGA Tour. “It’s a huge asset for the membership to be able to come out and get the same [technology] as the top players in the world are using,” says Golf Club Ambassador and PGA Professional Ben Martin. 

First in line is the club-fitting bay, featuring high-tech Trackman launch monitors that help identify the best clubs, shaft flex, and lie angle for you. Rusty Mazell, Director of Club Fitting and current Callaway National Club Fitter of the Year, conducts the most thorough and detailed club fitting experience, from beginner golfers to the professional player. 

The second bay is all about swing analysis, using the K-Vest and mySwing programs you’d normally find at professional golf events. The programs are both sensor-based to allow for 3D video imaging of your swing. “It’s actually like an X-ray or an MRI of your golf swing,” says Preisinger. Seeing your swing from a different angle can provide you with some insight on how to improve your golf game. Additional programs, like the BodiTrak, identify a player’s weight transfer patterns and other pivotal elements of the swing. As Kiawah Island Club Director of Golf Fitness J.J. Butcher puts it, “What you’re doing might not be what you think you’re doing.” The swing bay is an incredible asset to up your game.

The third bay is home to the Science and Motion PuttLab, where players can see every last detail of their putting stroke thanks to high-tech video monitors. The monitor  picks up information on 28 different parameters and from there, trained staff help players identify how to improve their putting.

The interactive technology offers plenty of data and insights, but ultimately, says Preisinger, “It just helps us narrow down how to help you hit the ball farther and straighter. We want you to enjoy the game of golf at the highest level that you can.” 

Improve Your Golf Game: Step-by-Step

As part of a series called Elevate Your Game, Kiawah partnered with CNBC to share some tips and tricks on how to be a better golfer. PGA Tour Professional and Kiawah Island Club Ambassador Ben Martin, Kiawah Island Club Director of Golf Dylan Thew, and Kiawah Island Club Director of Instruction Carol Preisinger took to the Club’s two private courses, River Course and Cassique, to showcase some of their top strategies for improving your golf game in succinct, one-minute-long videos.

These tips, ranging from tricks for getting out of a deep greenside bunker to mastering the perfect putt speed, can be applied to any golf course you might visit. The picturesque views of the greens seen in these videos can only be found in one place, however. Which is none other than Kiawah Island.

Watch below to see how you can improve your golf game.

Step #1: Rotation Equals Distance

Every golfer wants to hit the ball as far as possible. In order to do so, every golfer must first learn this tip to increase their length while decreasing their score.

Step #2: Better Ball Striking 

Control your distance and your score with this simple drill.

Step #3: Aim High on Sidehill Lies

A tough lie shouldn’t pose a challenge. And with this tip, it won’t. Keep your shots on line and keep your score low.

Step #4: Don’t Fear the 40-Yard Bunker

Conquer the 40-yard bunker shot with ease using this easy approach.

Step #5: Don’t Get Trapped in Deep Greenside Bunkers

You can also conquer greenside bunkers by learning how to get out of the sand onto the green with ease.

Step #6: Master the 20-Foot Putt

To Master the 20-foot putt, you first have to master how to read the green. Learn how to do both here.

Step #7: Avoid Water Hazards

Don’t avoid this video! Here, you’ll discover the trick to avoiding water hazards and getting high scores.

Step #8: Perfect Speed, Perfect Putt

A perfect putt requires perfect speed. If you want to get control over your speed, check out this method. 

Step #9: Greenside Wedge Shot

The greenside wedge is one of the most difficult shots in the game, but you can beat it.

Live and Let Golf

Ready to put your new golf skills to the test? Kiawah Island Club Members enjoy exclusive access to all of the Island’s courses and other sought-after amenities. Imagine walking outside your door and putting these tips to the test, day in and day out. Eventually, you’d be an incredible golfer, as most of the Island’s residents are!

View Club-qualifying homes below to see what your life could be like here on Kiawah Island. 

This content was originally published in 2018 and refreshed in 2021.