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Luxury Real Estate is Thriving on Kiawah

Luxury Real Estate is Thriving on Kiawah

August 10, 2020

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Now is the Time to Buy Luxury Real Estate on Kiawah Island

It has never been a better time to purchase luxury real estate. You have likely heard this saying many times before. however, this time it is true — especially if you have been thinking about purchasing a home on Kiawah. 

Kiawah’s real estate market is flourishing this summer season as luxury homebuyers are quickly recognizing the value in owning a second home. From May through July 2020, Kiawah Island Real Estate put 167 properties under contract for $230M, compared to 41 properties for $42M for the same time period in 2019. This past July alone, Kiawah Island Real Estate sold 89 properties in a mere 31 days. In comparison, a total of 12 homes sold in July of last year. 

There are several factors that have made homes on Kiawah very attractive to buyers. A few being the currently low mortgage rates and the announcement of a new medical facility coming soon to Kiawah and the surrounding Sea Islands. Current world events, such as Covid-19, have forced people to recognize the importance of “home”. As the country entered self-quarantine, many folks regretted not buying a second home sooner. City-goers living in urban areas have expressed their desire to find somewhere to retreat to that is all-inclusive and doesn’t require much travel. For these reasons, purchasing a home on Kiawah Island is the perfect choice. 

Discover why now is a great time to buy luxury real estate on Kiawah.

Luxury Real Estate Impacts Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Our homes are an extension of ourselves. They are the gathering places for our loved ones to share memories, for our children to grow, and for us to relish as our own private retreat. Luxury real estate isn’t taking a hit like many forecasted. In reality, it is quite the opposite as potential buyers decide to reset their priorities, realign their finances, and understand the importance of good health. 

Focus on Your Health

Healthy living is part of the Kiawah lifestyle. Pursuing your health and fitness goals is highly encouraged. Kiawah makes it easy to focus on your health and well-being, as the entire Island places a heavy emphasis on staying fit. State-of-the-art facilities provide residents with incredible workouts and unique opportunities to stay in shape. Residents can choose from several swimming pools dotted across the Island to practice laps, or to workout in a group class at the Sports Pavilion at Cassique. If you prefer a little competition, you can invite your friends and neighbors to play a round of golf or a game of tennis. Regardless of how you decide to stay fit, living on Kiawah can help you reach your fitness goals and empower you to be your healthiest self. 

Cassique residents enjoy the Sports Pavilion and the community’s golf course in their very own neighborhood. Owning a home in walking proximity to these incredible amenities is a key reason why Kiawah residents choose to purchase in this neighborhood. Meanwhile, residents wanting to feel more connected with nature may prefer to live in the outermost communities such as Ocean Park, where the private Marsh House is just steps away. 

Invest in Your Wealth

Luxury real estate is an investment. Unique homes in exclusive areas provide you with a rare lifestyle that holds a significant amount of value. Renting your beachfront property is a viable option if you choose not to live on Kiawah full-time. A second home also provides the opportunity for weekend trips and vacations whenever you feel like escaping to Kiawah.

Home values on the Island continue to rise with the announcement of the new medical facility and West End Beach Club, along with the recently opened West Beach Conference Center, and new neighborhood releases in the Ocean Park and Cassique communities. Which, of course, all add value to surrounding homes. 

Homesites and homes that include a Membership to the Kiawah Island Club are highly sought-after and somewhat difficult to obtain. However, the value of a Membership is tremendous as it provides exclusive access to private venues, amenities, dining options, events, and more. 

Embrace Happiness 

Seaside living provides endless personal benefits. Purchasing a luxury property is like owning your own slice of paradise, especially somewhere as outstanding as Kiawah. 

Several scientific studies have shown that living near the beach can do wonders for your mental health. In fact, the Victorians believed the sea air was a promising cure for many health concerns. People that live near the sea are generally more happy because they tend to experience lower stress levels than those who don’t have access to the ocean. Strolls along the beach and the calming sound of the waves can play a vital role in reducing stress while providing a calming, restorative experience equivalent to meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises.

Waterways are not only essential for us, but for the wildlife that also calls the water home. Living so close to nature is one reason why homes on Kiawah are in such high demand. Wild dolphins, alligators, tropical fish, otters, and an abundance of other aquatic animals provide incredible wildlife viewing opportunities — another stress-reducing activity. The Island is famous for wildlife viewing because most of Kiawah has been left untouched, with commercial and residential areas intentionally designed to blend in with the surrounding environment. Therefore allowing the Island’s scenery to shine. Being so close and connected with the natural world can evoke feelings of peace and produce positive emotions. As they say, you can’t put a price tag on happiness. 

Tour Luxury Real Estate on Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island is where you will find your health, wealth, and happiness. To see what makes Kiawah homes so extraordinary, we invite you to come tour some of the most beautiful homes in America. See for yourself why East Coasters are flocking to the Island in pursuit of a slice of their own paradise. Contact us if you would like to plan a weekend visit to Kiawah and tour some of the Island’s available properties.