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The FAQ List for Luxury Homebuyers on Kiawah Island

The FAQ List for Luxury Homebuyers on Kiawah Island

July 13, 2020

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Kiawah Island Luxury Homebuyers: All of Your Questions Answered

As an island that makes residents feel as if they are on a never-ending vacation, we receive many questions from luxury homebuyers that are interested in moving to Kiawah. Because we are the leading brokerage firm on Kiawah Island, we have compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions to help prospective luxury homebuyers have a better sense as to why they might enjoy calling Kiawah Island home.

1. Why is Kiawah Island Real Estate not on the MLS?

We choose not to list homes on the MLS for several reasons. While the MLS can be beneficial for certain markets, it’s not the best tool for selling Kiawah homes. We discovered that it is more hindering than helpful. Our Sales Executives know Kiawah best, including its homes and what luxury homebuyers are looking for. Listing homes on the MLS is an impersonal process. Why not using this service we can remain focused on selling within Kiawah’s community only. We know Kiawah best and are therefore able to sell Kiawah best. 

2. How do your Sales Executives conduct a comparable market analysis?

Kiawah Island Real Estate is the only firm in Charleston County that receives full reporting on all of the sales on Kiawah Island. When listing or purchasing a home on Kiawah, we are able to use the CMA to recommend the best pricing structure for each property. 

3. What are the different types of homes available on Kiawah Island?

Luxury home buyers interested in purchasing on Kiawah can choose from single family homes, cottages, or villas. Single family homes are the largest properties with the largest lot size and are a great option for privacy. Cottages are an ideal option for those who would still like a detached home but are looking for a smaller, more manageable, home. Villas are attached units that can range from one to four bedrooms. If you prefer, homesites are also available if you are interested in building a custom home.

4. Can you explain the different entities on Kiawah Island?

Here is a complete breakdown of the main entities you will come across on Kiawah Island. 

Kiawah Island Real Estate

Kiawah Island Real Estate, sometimes referred to as KIRE, is the only firm exclusively selling Kiawah real estate. Our office consists of expert Sales Executives with years of local experience and knowledge. As part of Kiawah Partners, our expertise plays a role in the master development of Kiawah’s dozens of communities. 

Kiawah Partners

Kiawah Partners has been the Island’s Master Planner and Community Developer since 1988. With a focus on keeping Kiawah wild, all of their efforts are environmentally sensitive to Kiawah’s flora and fauna. Kiawah Partners operates Kiawah Island Real Estate, the Kiawah Island Club, and the Architectural Review Board.

Kiawah Island Club

Exclusive to Kiawah Island property owners, the Kiawah Island Club offers Members access to private venues, world-class amenities, special events, and more. Membership to the Club is coveted and is included with only select home, cottage, and homesite purchases. 

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

As the main resort on the Island, the Kiawah Island Golf Resort offers luxury accommodations and amenities for Kiawah’s visitors. The resort manages the Sanctuary Hotel and Spa and five public golf courses including; The Ocean Course, Osprey Point Golf Course, Turtle Point Golf Course, Cougar Point golf course, and Oak Point golf course, along with their subsequent restaurants.

Architectural Review Board

Kiawah’s Architectural Review board is in charge of the Island’s impressive residential and commercial architecture. The ARB sets determined standards that ensure every home and man-made structure is harmony with the surrounding landscape. 

Town of Kiawah Island

The town’s municipal government is responsible for many components of the island. From public safety to beach and wildlife management, the Town plays a prominent role in maintaining the success of the community.

Kiawah Island Community Association

Governed by a board of directors, Kiawah’s Community Association is mainly in charge of security and Island access, common area maintenance, and road maintenance.

Kiawah Conservancy

The Kiawah Conservancy is a non-profit grassroots organization that focuses on land and habitat preservation across the Island. More specifically, the Conservancy maintains the delicate balance between Kiawah’s nature and development. Luxury homebuyers can appreciate the heavy focus this organization and the community as a whole put on keeping the natural landscape intact. 

5. Do all homes qualify for a Kiawah Island Club Membership? 

While access to the Club is highly sought after, not all homes qualify for a Membership. Along with access to events and special venues, the Club also offers Member-Only amenities such as the oceanfront Beach Club, Marsh House, the Sports Pavilion, Sporting Club, two of the Island’s best restaurants, the private Cassique and River Golf Courses, Golf Learning Center, and the Sasanqua Spa

6. What is the Island’s best community?

While this might depend on the individual, the Ocean Park and Cassique communities offer unparalleled amenities and ownership opportunities. These two communities offer some of the best recreational opportunities on the Island and have several breathtaking options for beautiful homes designed by the nation’s finest.

The largest development of Ocean Park showcases three new neighborhoods within its community. The latest development, The Cottages at Marsh Walk, offers built-for-sale homes that are a perfect fit for those wanting to live in luxury of a smaller size.

Cassique boasts incredible amenities of its own, with numerous neighborhoods to select from including The Estuary and Little Eagle Island. This all-inclusive community offers privacy and proximity to the Island’s best features.

7. How can I tour homes on Kiawah?

As part of our commitment to showing you the best Kiawah Island has to offer, we invite you to plan a visit to Kiawah to experience the Island and real estate offerings first hand. During your stay here, you can get a feel for how the locals live and what there is to do. You will also get the chance to tour beautiful beachfront homes and see for yourself why Kiawah is without a doubt, the best Southern beach town

Contact us if you would like to book a Discovery Weekend and see how the locals live.

How to Find Your Dream Home

As always, reach out to us if you have any questions regarding living here on Kiawah. Feel free to browse our listings of available properties on Kiawah below. You can filter the search results based on your preferences, such as view type and if the home qualifies for a Kiawah Club Membership.