How to Choose the Perfect Site for Your Home Build

How to Choose the Perfect Site for Your Home Build

March 27, 2020

Categories: Real Estate

Qualities to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Homesite

Building a home first begins with choosing your homesite. Since this is the foundation of your future home, it’s important to weigh all options in order to make well-informed decisions throughout the building process. 

Choosing a Kiawah Island homesite can be quite challenging. After all, with so many options to choose from, how could you ever make a decision? Thankfully, we’re here to help you make the best choice for you and your family. 

If you’re stuck between two — or even a few — favored homesites, take into consideration the qualities below to help guide you in your decision. 

Custom vs. Built For Sale Homes

First, determine your list of needs. Can these be met by a home with a predetermined floor plan? Or do you require a more customized layout and features? While some customizations are available in Kiawah’s Built For Sale program, there are limitations set in place by our team of expert builders and designers. Fully custom homes, on the other hand, offer much more flexibility to cater to more specific needs.

Alternatively, custom builds require more time and money than a Built For Sale home, so determine what your timeframe is prior to choosing a homesite. Homesites on Kiawah are identified as either custom or Built For Sale beforehand, so determining your needs and timeline prior to searching for a homesite may help narrow your search. 

Lastly, consider what type of home best suits your needs — single-family, cottage, or villa — and take the time to understand the different types of homes on Kiawah before settling on a home type. 

To read additional information on custom and built for sale homes, read our blog post detailing the step-by-step process to building a home on Kiawah Island

Scenic Views

The most exciting part of purchasing a homesite is selecting the view. Living on Kiawah Island presents you with several types of breathtaking landscapes to choose from. Every homesite on the Island offers spectacular views, along with private access to some of the South’s most beautiful scenery

Among the Island’s 10,000 acres you’ll find lush maritime forest, tidal creeks, freshwater ponds, peaceful marshes, crafted golf courses, a winding river, and of course the beaches of the Atlantic ocean. As you search for a homesite, determine the natural setting that complements the vision you have for your future home. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home on the water, discover the qualities to look for in a waterfront property.  


Once you have your heart set on the perfect view, choose the neighborhood where you would like to live. Kiawah has several neighborhoods that offer Built For Sale options, if that’s what you prefer. These neighborhoods include the Cassique Clubhouse Village, Cassique Garden Cottages, and the Ocean Park Marsh Walk. 

The Cassique Clubhouse Village is situated along the world-renowned Cassique golf course. Cassique homes elegantly blend the coastal beauty of Kiawah with the charm of the English countryside. In this neighborhood, you can select from four luxury cottage models. Each model includes design details like traditional stucco, cedar shingles, and expansive windows to soak in the views. 

A second Cassique option features the Cassique Garden Cottages. Also featuring British influence, these cottages are reminiscent of Europe and the historic brick gardens of downtown Charleston. These single-level homes include old world features like delicate rose gardens, brownstone pathways, manicured hedges, and rolling fairways. 

If you would rather have a home with a modern-flair, you might prefer the Ocean Park Marsh Walk  on the Eastern part of the Island. Homesites in this neighborhood overlook the front nine holes of the Ocean Course and the Atlantic Ocean. The open design of these modern residences embraces the surrounding marsh and ocean to give you spectacular views from almost every direction. In addition, two new built for sale neighborhoods are debuting in 2020, one of which offers the opportunity to have your home virtually touch the Ocean Course where the legends will play in 2021

Interested in a custom build? Contact our team to learn which homesites cater to an individualized build process. 

Type of Land

Thanks to the Island’s vast landscapes, you have numerous land types to choose from. Kiawah offers picturesque sites on the beach, estuary, grassland marshes, maritime forest, tidal creeks, and rolling fairways. The options are endless, and your decision greatly depends on the views and activities you are interested in having. 

Beachfront homes offer incredible views with private access to the water. Living by the sea means your family can beach comb or play in the waves whenever you please.

Other waterfront homesite options include the estuary, marsh, or tidal creeks. These landscape types provide you with the opportunity to witness the fantastic wildlife that roam the area, such as the Great Egret or Great Blue Heron. 

On the other hand, maritime forests and fairways offer homesite options with abundant greenery, which is the perfect view for homeowners who want a backyard oasis. 

Before making a decision, visit each type of landscape to determine what you like best. You may be surprised with what you choose. From there, speak with your builder about the landscape to determine the stability of the ground. Since the homes on Kiawah are built with nature, shifting sands or uneven marsh are a possibility and may require building plans or the build timeline to be altered. 

Proximity to Other Homes

The size of the homesite will ultimately determine the privacy of your home as well. A smaller homesite means you may be closer to neighboring homes, while a larger site with more acreage guarantees more space and privacy. 

In regards to the size of the site, also take into consideration design features you may want. For instance, to accommodate a long driveway entrance you will ultimately need a larger property. Additional structures, like a guest house or detached garage spaces, will also require a larger space. However, if you would like something smaller for a second home, you may want to build something that is easier to maintain. The decision is purely up to your lifestyle and preference. 

Although there is a lot to consider when choosing the location of your future home, the final product is sure to be worth it. Your homesite is the canvas in which you will create the masterpiece that is your future home, so choose it wisely. As always, we’re here to help every step of the way. To view our available homesites, click the button below. Or, contact our team to discuss next steps.