A Guide To Building A Home on Kiawah Island

A Guide To Building A Home on Kiawah Island

November 15, 2019

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The Step-By-Step Process to Building a Home on Kiawah Island

When building a home on Kiawah Island, you’re presented with two options. You can either buy a homesite and custom-design your home, or you can take advantage of Kiawah Island Real Estate’s Built for Sale program. Both have their benefits, and you’re sure to fall in love with your Island home regardless of which option you choose. However, we wanted to explain the build process for each to give you a full understanding of what goes into building a home on Kiawah Island. That way, you know exactly what to expect either way before breaking ground. 

The Individual Homesite Build Process

If you choose to purchase a homesite, you have the opportunity to interview and hire your own architect, builder, and contractor. For many homebuyers, this is a substantial benefit because it puts you in complete control of the home build. 

This home building process allows you to customize your home to your exact liking, as long as it fits within the conditions of the homesite. High-end customizations can become expensive and time consuming, though, which is something to consider when choosing this home building process. Additionally, this process may be challenging for distant buyers — but not impossible. 

Distance can make it more complicated for complete oversight in the build process. However, when you choose your own architect, design team, and builder, you have advocates nearby to voice your needs and wants when necessary. 

The entire build process typically takes 16 to 18 months, but it could be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of design and customizations. Let’s take a look at the individual build process from start to finish. 

The Process

Step One: Site Analysis

When building a home on Kiawah Island, it’s important that the home mirrors its surroundings in the best possible way. This is when the team assesses the nature to identify where the sun sets, where the breeze flows, how the trees hang, and more. This determines how the home will be built. 

Step Two: Schematic Design

Next, the design team creates a schematic design of the home which will then be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board, or ARB. Here, the ARB makes sure that the notes from the site analysis are being implemented into the design and that the proposed plans match the neighborhood requirements. 

Once this is completed, the design team shifts from a schematic design to a hard line drawing and begins to determine pricing. This must also be reviewed and approved by the ARB. 

Step Three: Finalize Construction Documents

Now, the construction team works to finalize the details, documents, and permitting to submit to the ARB for final review. This also includes a simplified outline for the home’s landscaping, which will need to be approved to ensure that the natural resources from the homesite are being preserved. 

The timeline for the first three steps of the individual build process varies, but it usually lasts an average of six months. The timeframe is highly dependent on the complexity of the design and how many changes the homeowner makes. 

Step Four: Submit Permit to the Town

Once the build is permitted by the ARB, it must also be approved by the town. This process can take several weeks, however it doesn’t prevent the construction team from clearing the homesite to prepare for building. 

Step Five: Final Review of Site Materials

When all materials for the build are on-site, there will be a final review to ensure they complement the design, landscaping, and surrounding nature of the site.

Step Six: The Build

Now building can begin! It takes approximately 12 months to build the exterior of the home, six months to complete the interior, and one month for landscaping. More complex homes can take up to 24 months to complete, however the typical build lasts around 18 months. 

With two years, you will be enjoying your brand new, custom built, just-how-you-imagined-it Kiawah Island home. 

The Built For Sale Process

Homebuyers who are are less interested interested in a top-to-bottom custom built home may prefer the Built For Sale program. This program allows buyers to choose a desirable homesite within a developed neighborhood to build their home. Buyers can choose from a variety of design plans to find the home that most suits their needs, and even  select some customizations. Once a homesite and home design is selected, buyers are provided with a rendering to show them exactly what the home will look like. 

The Built For Sale program is completely streamlined so buyers can walk into the office, pick their homesite, choose their design, and go. Pre-approval from the Kiawah ARB has also already been granted, which eliminates the potential for back and forth during approvals. Plus, we work solely with the best design and development team in the area using only the finest materials and finishes while implementing exquisite, luxurious designs. You simply won’t find a more successful or detail-oriented design team.

The construction for a Built For Sale home typically takes 12 to 14 months, as opposed to the individual homesite build which may take twice as long. 

The Process

Step One: Choose Your Homesite and Design

As we mentioned above, the first step is to select your desired homesite and design. There are options to choose from, and select customizations are available for each home. Built For Sale homes are intended to look more evolved and custom than a traditional neighborhood development.

Exterior finishes and designs are selected beforehand and placed into separate packages along with pricing, making it easy to choose the finishes that compliment your personal taste and budget the most. You can also work with an interior designer to select the best finishes for tile, flooring, backsplash, and more. 

Step Two: Begin the Build

Since pre-approval from the ARB has already been granted, the build process can begin much sooner — within a month, to be exact. 

During this time, benchmark dates are set for the buyers to make final decisions on appliances, furnishings, flooring, colors, and finishes. These dates help to move along the building process and timeline.

Step Three: Walkthroughs

In addition to the identified benchmark dates, the Built For Sale program also includes four additional steps. These include:

  • An electrical walkthrough
  • A walkthrough to determine interior lighting
  • A plumbing walkthrough
  • A final punch list walkthrough

These four steps streamline the build process, and make it as easy as possible for distant buyers to be involved in and complete the home building process. Once these items are completed, the home is ready — minus your personalized finishing touch, of course. 

With the help of our team of experts, you’ll be enjoying your finished Kiawah dream home in a year. Just think, in a year from now, you could be enjoying the warm island breezes, shopping for the holidays, and preparing for the upcoming PGA Championship. What could be better?

If you’re interested in our Built for Sale program, take the time to explore our Built for Sale inventory, such as the Cassique Clubhouse Village, Cassique Garden Cottages, and Marsh Walk.

The time to build is now; which option will you choose? Whether you decide to purchase an individual homesite, or take part in our Built For Sale program, we’ll be there to assist you every step of the way. Contact our team to learn more about our build programs and view our available homesites.