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7 Myths About Building a Custom Home

7 Myths About Building a Custom Home

October 19, 2020

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The Truth Behind Building a Custom Home

Both custom and pre-designed homes are great options if you are interested in building something new. Custom homes are often thought of as timely and overwhelming to build, but don’t discount them just yet. Building a custom home may seem like a lot of work, but it’s well worth it in the end. Read about the typical myths associated with building a custom home and see if custom is right for you.

1. You Must Have an Eye for Design and Architecture

Contrary to popular belief, building a custom home does not require you to be some sort of designer or architect. You don’t even need to have an interest in it! During the building process you will work closely with an architect and, if you choose, an interior designer, to bring your dream home to life. 

They will present you with renderings and sketches to give you an idea of all the exterior, interior, and landscape details of your home. The design plans can be changed as often as you need to ensure they are just what you envisioned. But if you do have a talent for design, you may choose to be as involved in the process as you wish. 

In addition, all homes on Kiawah — whether built for sale or custom — are designed to mirror the Island’s natural scenery. Colors and detail choices are meant to compliment the lush vegetation and dramatic vistas, so you can let Kiawah do the designing for you.

2. Finding the Perfect Homesite is Difficult

One of the initial steps when building a custom home is finding the best homesite for your future residence. It is true that shopping for land can be somewhat difficult. You want to make sure the homesite is of a certain size, is oriented for optimal views and light, and that it’s in close proximity to amenities but still private. 

Fortunately, these factors are all taken into consideration when homesite boundaries are drawn on Kiawah. A full site analysis is completed as the community only allows man-made structures to be built if they blend with the scenery. They must not take away from the Island’s charm and landscape. This means, every homesite you consider on Kiawah, regardless of the neighborhood, will offer incredible views and an ideal layout for building your home. Built for sale homes also adopt this philosophy!

3. Building a Custom Home Takes Years to Complete

Custom homes typically do take longer to be completed than built for sale homes. With so many decisions to be made, this should come as no surprise. However, most homes are completed within two years of breaking ground, and do not take multiple years to complete. For reference, pre-designed homes take around 14 months to build. 

4. There is a Lack of Mature Landscaping with New Homes

Many luxury homeowners shy away from building new because they want mature landscaping. As mentioned, the vegetation of the Island is a top priority and many steps are taken to preserve as much of it as possible when building a custom home. 

Kiawah Island’s Architectural Review Board will approve the final landscaping plans to make sure they are in accordance with the Island’s standards. Once completed, your new home will sit amongst centuries-old oak trees, fragrant magnolias, and an abundance of other native South Carolina plants

5. Home Value Depreciates Quickly

True custom homes are said to depreciate in value fairly quickly. While there is some truth to this, most Kiawah homes don’t fall under this myth. Custom homes with details that are too unique, such as initials sculpted on wrought iron gates or a stained glass window of your favorite sports team, can deter potential homebuyers. While these personal details are meaningful to you, they may not be meaningful to anyone outside of your family. 

To avoid this, build your home with style and choose meaningful decor, wall colors, and other details that can be changed if need be. Unless you plan on passing down your home to the next generation, it’s best to let your architect and design team know that you want features that aren’t overly personalized. 

Kiawah Island homes are selling rapidly as buyers recognize the value in having a second home. See why so many are choosing to purchase on the Island.

6. Custom Homes Don’t Include Community Benefits

Because some custom homes may not be built within a neighborhood, they may not include the community amenities you would otherwise get with a built for sale home. 

On Kiawah, this is never the case! All homes are within walking or short driving distance from world-class amenities such as golf courses, fine dining restaurants, premier facilities, and private beaches. If that isn’t enough, you can purchase a homesite or pre-designed home that includes a Kiawah Island Club Membership. This also gives you access to private golf courses and Members-only restaurants and facilities

7. Representation is Not Necessary When Building a Custom Home

From the very beginning of the process, you need representation when building a custom home. A professional to assist you in finding a homesite, communicating with the builder, accompanying you on site visits, and overseeing a home inspection is crucial. Make sure you have someone in your corner to help facilitate a smooth building experience. 

Where to Build a Custom Home on Kiawah

Homesites for building a custom home are available in the Ocean Park community, along with Eagle Island, Little Eagle Island, The Estuary, and Cassique Clubhouse Village within the Cassique community. Each neighborhood provides a unique Island lifestyle with its own set of amenities. Choose how you would like to live, and start building!

Start Building Your Dream Home 

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