Under the Oaks: Kiawah Island Neighborhoods in the Maritime Forest

Under the Oaks: Kiawah Island Neighborhoods in the Maritime Forest

December 19, 2022

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The Top 6 Island Communities in the Maritime Forest

In South Carolina, there are a variety of luxurious Kiawah Island neighborhoods surrounding the natural beach, marshes, and forests of the Lowcountry. The state’s pleasant weather, majestic oak trees adorned with Spanish moss, and gorgeous beaches make Kiawah Island your ideal destination to sit back, relax, and enjoy the coastal ambiance — even from the maritime forest!

If you’re looking to make Kiawah Island your home, continue reading to learn more about the top six neighborhoods in the maritime forest.

What is The Maritime Forest?

Maritime forests are shoreline estuaries that grow along coastal barrier islands. These coastal woods support a great diversity of flora and fauna, such as a variety of salt-resistant plants and shrubbery along with wildlife such as reptiles, mammals, and birds. Maritime forests are a vital part of coastal ecosystems, as they stabilize the shoreline, provide filtering effects, and shelter the marsh.

Faced with an ever-changing environment, these forests are as fragile as they are resilient.

maritime forest

6 Neighborhoods in the Maritime Forest

At Kiawah Island, you’ll be pleased to find that quite a few neighborhoods have some components of the maritime forest. However, some of the most notable are:

1. Ocean Park

Ocean Park is located at the very eastern end of the peninsula and is home to the renowned Ocean Course. As one of Kiawah’s most desirable communities, it boasts expansive and breathtaking views. Several winding creeks and lagoons cover the landscape, providing close encounters with the natural flora and fauna that call the Island home.

There are several communities in Ocean Park, including Marsh Walk, The Cottages at Marsh Walk, Front Nine Lane, and Cougar Island — a 25-acre property near the golf course. Residents of this gated community enjoy opulent views of the marsh, maritime forest, fairways, and the Atlantic Ocean.

2. The Preserve

The Preserve is unique among other Kiawah Island neighborhoods — largely due to its unparalleled collection of amenities. At The Preserve, you’ll find a bark-clad boathouse with canoe and kayak storage, covered piers with docks, nature trails that weave through some of the Island’s most spectacular forest and wetland areas, and an observation tower that boasts a birds-eye view of Blue Heron Pond.

This neighborhood possesses land known for its incredible views and abundant wildlife that, in many ways, represents the essence of Kiawah. Residents of The Preserve enjoy communing with nature, as the community comprises hundreds of acres of wetlands, maritime forests, and marshes.

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3. Rhetts Bluff

Located behind the second gate in the Vanderhorst community, the Rhett’s Bluff neighborhood is adjacent to the Kiawah River and Bass Pond. For those who love exploring the Island’s vast waterways and forests, this enclave provides perfect opportunities for endless adventures. Here, you often find residents kayaking along the marsh and gathering at the neighborhood pavilion. Residents also enjoy convenient deepwater access to the Kiawah River, perfect for thrilling fishing trips and serene views of the shimmering sunset. In addition to its proximity to the Kiawah River, residents of Rhett’s Bluff also enjoy convenient access to the Island’s natural landscape of marshes and maritime forests.

When it comes to amenities, this neighborhood has it all! Rhetts Bluff is conveniently located nearby The Kiawah Island Club’s seaside Beach Club as well as the Marsh House in Ocean Park. Plus, avid golfers will appreciate the neighborhood’s proximity to the Ocean Course as well as the Member-exclusive River Course.

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4. Indigo Park

Indigo Park is Kiawah Island’s most eco-friendly community and shares quick access to some of the best amenities in all of Kiawah. Here, each home boasts reduced utility and maintenance costs, a healthier indoor environment, and environmentally responsible landscaping filled with native flora. While the benefits of living in nature are innumerable, Indigo Park provides residents with an abundance of “neighborhood nature”, as we like to call it. As a community with a natural feel, you should strongly consider moving here if you are interested in living somewhere with exquisite charm, pristine beauty, and deep respect for the Island’s untouched environment.

5. Plantation Woods North

Located along the Kiawah River and just a short tree-lined walk or bike ride to the beach via the Allee of Oaks, Plantation Woods North showcases all the Island has to offer. Perfect for those looking for a wide range of views, this enclave is surrounded by picturesque marshes, forests, and waterways. Here, residents enjoy being fully immersed in the natural beauty of Kiawah Island.

6. East and West Beach Villas

Many of our villa communities have beautiful maritime forest views including Maritime Villas, Fairway Oaks, Mariner’s Watch, and Seascape. These locations are highly coveted, as they are a central hub for activity. With their proximity to restaurants, recreation, golf courses, and more, residents always have something new to discover . The community is also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts — granting access to picturesque parks and winding waterways to explore.

Live Amongst the Oaks on Kiawah Island

Whether you are looking to permanently relocate or are simply searching for a vacation property, Kiawah Island is the perfect place to escape to the Carolina coast. From admiring the breathtaking scenery to taking evening strolls through the miles of walking trails, living in the maritime forest provides a lifestyle unlike any other.

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