The Benefits of Living on a Private Luxury Island

The Benefits of Living on a Private Luxury Island

March 23, 2022

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Explore Life on a Private Luxury Island

Living on a private island provides one-of-a-kind benefits and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. From strolling serene beaches to playing exclusive golf courses, residents spend their time taking in all the island lifestyle has to offer. 

If you’re considering moving to a private luxury island, continue reading to discover the many benefits this lifestyle can provide you. 

1. Privacy 

For those looking to enjoy a more private life, living on a secluded island is ideal. With controlled entry and minimal traffic, a private luxury island allows residents to fully relax away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. 

For even more privacy, residents can elect to purchase a property tucked along the outskirts of the island. For example, Cougar Island on Kiawah is a 25-acre estate that offers unparalleled privacy. With an 800-foot buffer between the likely home footprint and the closest neighboring house, residents will enjoy living in their own personal oasis. 

2. Tight-knit Community

The close-knit nature of a private luxury island creates a strong sense of community. On Kiawah Island, homeowners of qualifying properties have the opportunity to join the Kiawah Island Club, which hosts events that foster community engagement. That way, residents can get to know their neighbors through shared experiences. These social gatherings create a sense of camaraderie for both children and adults alike. In fact, Kiawah Island Club Members have created friendships that span generations. 

You can often find Members socializing at The Beach Club or engaging in friendly competition on the golf course. Whether you prefer spending time in nature, playing sports, or enjoying the arts, you can find like-minded individuals within the Kiawah Island Club.

To learn more about the value of a Kiawah Island Club Membership, click here. 

3. Access to Nature and Conservation

Having exclusive access to nature is one of the main draws of living on a private luxury island. With white sand beaches, winding lagoons, and scenic nature trails basically in your backyard, you can commune with nature whenever your heart desires.

Because nature is of paramount importance to private islands, conservation of wildlife is prioritized. On Kiawah Island, you will often see bottlenose dolphins splashing along the shoreline, blue herons set upon the marsh, and loggerhead turtles nesting in the summertime. Residents share the Island with 18 species of mammals, more than 30 species of reptiles, and more than 300 bird species. We value our vast wildlife population and take pride in protecting their ecosystem through long-term preservation practices. That way, Kiawah Island residents can enjoy the remarkable natural habitats that flourish across the Island for years to come. 

4. High-end Amenities

Some private communities offer residents access to high-end amenities. On Kiawah Island, Club Membership grants access to world-class facilities, services, and events. Here, Members enjoy playing infamous golf courses and tennis courts, as well as taking private lessons to improve their skills. From a state-of-the-art Golf Learning Center to an 885-acre Sporting Club, the Kiawah Island Club offers unique amenities that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Following a day of enriching activities, you can often find Members socializing by the infinity pool at Marsh House or booking a facial at the Sasanqua Spa. Then, wrapping up their evening by enjoying a delicious meal and a glass of wine at one of the many culinary spots around the Island. 

5. Craftsmanship of Homes

The elegant homes built on private luxury islands are truly one-of-a-kind. Every home on Kiawah Island is designed with incredible attention to detail, so no two homes look alike. In fact, each neighborhood on the Island boasts its own unique character and style of architecture inspired by nature. From rustic cottages in the maritime forest to large estates on the beach, Kiawah Island boasts a variety of architectural styles so you can find the home of your dreams

6. Outdoor Exploration

When living on a private luxury island, every day is an adventure. On Kiawah Island, you can spend your days kayaking through the marsh, biking the shoreline, or fishing the various reefs offshore. Other popular activities include swimming, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding. With 10 miles of private shoreline, the winding Kiawah River, and various nature parks, there is no shortage of places to discover; outdoor exploration is a part of daily life on Kiawah Island. 

7. Stunning Views

Last but not least, the beautiful views are what truly draw people into island living. There is nothing quite like waking up to the sounds of the waves crashing onto the sand and the water sparkling in the distance. 

Kiawah Island homes are specifically designed to maximize the incredible views of the Island. Plus, you have the option to buy or build a home in the specific location that speaks to you. Whether you prefer ocean, maritime forest, golf, marsh, or river views, there is a property for you on Kiawah Island. 

The Private Island Lifestyle

Calling a private luxury island home offers a unique experience not many can have. Kiawah elevates your experience further by providing amenities and private experiences with Club Membership. Whether your property serves as a personal getaway or full-time home, the Island is an amazing place to make memories with friends and family that you will remember for a lifetime. 

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