The Art of Finding Your Dream Home

The Art of Finding Your Dream Home

October 27, 2021

Categories: Real Estate

6 Luxury Home Tips for Finding the Home of Your Dreams

Finding your dream home can feel like searching for a pearl in an oyster — a challenging feat that offers a beautiful outcome. With an abundance of properties on the market, you want to ensure you select a one-of-a-kind home that provides the interesting and exciting lifestyle of your dreams.

Continue reading to discover our top luxury home tips for perfecting the art of finding your dream home.  

1. Decide on a Location 

It is essential that your dream home is also situated in your dream destination. Some real estate experts may even say that the location of the property is the most important factor when selecting your dream home because it determines other aspects of your life including who you socialize with, what activities you participate in, and so on. 

For example, if the ocean is the place where you feel most relaxed and at ease, then you probably won’t want to be hours away from the nearest beach. Or, if you’re trying to escape the frigid winters of your home town, then it will be beneficial to check the average temperatures of the locations you are considering. Your dream home location should also be in close proximity to your hobbies and interests so you can enjoy them as often as you desire. If your primary hobby is golf, your dream home should be nestled near a variety of championship golf courses. 

Choosing a community where you feel comfortable living and socializing with your neighbors is also key when selecting the location of your dream home. Are you hoping to live in a community where residents lead active lifestyles due to the abundance of nearby recreational activities? Are you looking for privacy or would you prefer to feel close with others in the community? These are all pertinent questions to ask yourself when deciding on the location of your dream home. 

2. Explore Different Neighborhoods

Once you have chosen your preferred city or town, you will need to get a bit more specific and choose a neighborhood to really focus your search. Here on Kiawah Island, we have a variety of neighborhoods that cater to different desires. For clients that value privacy, we highly recommend the Vanderhorst or Ocean Park communities, as they are located behind the second Island gate featuring large, spacious homesites. Meanwhile, if you want to be centrally located close to numerous amenities the Island has to offer, then East Beach is the neighborhood for you. Each and every community on Kiawah Island has a unique feel and caters to different lifestyles and desires. 

3. Consider Size 

One of the most important aspects of the luxury home buying search is deciding on the size of the home you would like to look for. There are several factors to consider when making this decision. When hosting guests, you want to be sure you have enough space to accommodate everyone. Additionally, if you plan to retire in this home, be sure there is plenty of room to explore your hobbies and interests. Suppose, for example, you discover you have a passion for painting, you want to have a free room in your home available to transform into your own personal art studio. 

4. Know Your Must-Have Features

When looking at luxury homes, it is easy to get influenced by all of the aesthetic features, even if they aren’t your highest priority. Therefore, we recommend creating a list of must-have features you want in your dream home. Compiling a checklist of these characteristics will help you prioritize your vision and easily eliminate properties that will not suit your needs. 

For example, if you have a passion for cooking delicious meals, then your dream home may require a spacious, state-of the art kitchen. Meanwhile, if you have children who love to play, then a pool may be a must-have amenity for your family to create fun memories. When it comes to choosing a dream home, everyone has different tastes and priorities, so it is important to consider what will make you and your family the happiest. 

5. Plan for the Future

When deciding on the home of your dreams, you want to ensure that it will remain your dream home for years down the road. Take time to consider what your life will look like five, or even ten years from now. Planning to start or expand your family? Take this into account when deciding on the number of bedrooms your dream home requires. Looking to embrace retirement in this dream home? Make sure it accommodates your hobbies and is located in a community with other like-minded residents you can socialize with. 

6. Find a Trusted Sales Expert

When purchasing your dream home, it is crucial to have a trusted Sales Expert by your side who has experience with finding luxury properties. Choose someone that is familiar with the area you are interested in, as they will be able to introduce you to the different neighborhoods and offer expert luxury home tips to help guide your search. Since Kiawah Island Real Estate Sales Executives only sell on the Island and know it best, you can expect the luxury home buying process to be as quick and stress-free as possible. 

Discover More Luxury Home Tips with the Help of KIRE Sales Experts

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