6 Things To Do at Sunrise on Kiawah Island

6 Things To Do at Sunrise on Kiawah Island

August 6, 2021

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Enjoy Kiawah Island Activities During Sunrise

Early in the morning on Kiawah Island, the sun rises above the ocean, reflecting vivid shades of orange and crimson onto the water. The picturesque scene reminds you of the endless possibilities for your day on Kiawah Island.

Discover the best Kiawah Island activities taking place during sunrise and begin your morning with this awe-inspiring view. 

1. Namaste to Start Your Day 

Do you prefer to start your day doing something active and relaxing? Begin your morning with yoga on the white beaches of the Island — setting your intentions for the day and soaking in the tranquility of nature can do wonders for your soul. The early morning hours allow you to spend quality time savoring the peace and quiet, aside from the calming sound of the waves crashing against the sand and the birds chirping in the distance. Take your private practice down to the beach, lay out your mat, and move into your favorite poses while taking in the captivating sunrise before you. 

Prolong your zen by taking advantage of some “me time” at the Members-only Sasanqua Spa and spend the rest of your morning in one of the hydrotherapy pools, saunas, or receiving a custom treatment. After sunrise yoga and some time spent relaxing at the spa, you will feel refreshed and revived to begin your afternoon.  

2. Paddle Toward the Sunrise

Dawn may very well be the most peaceful time to be out on the water. As a Member of the Kiawah Island Club, you can head down to the Cassique Boathouse and pick from your choice of a variety of kayaks and paddleboards. The calm, flat water of the still morning allows you to easily paddle out to your chosen spot. 

When the sun begins to peak above the horizon, slow down and take a moment to watch the sunrise as the waves calmly rock you from side to side. Remember to keep an eye out for Island wildlife and to respect their space, including the local dolphins, sea turtles, and pelicans who may be out searching for their first catch of the day. 

Take a look at our Wildlife Lookbook to discover more about the species of mammals, reptiles, anphibians, fish, and birds that call Kiawah Island home. 

After the sun rises, continue your adventure as you further explore Kiawah’s marshlands, creeks, and rivers, while also getting an excellent workout in. With the countless views and natural beauty to take in, it comes as no surprise that paddle boarding and kayaking are two of the most popular Kiawah Island activities enjoyed by residents. 

3. Beachcomb for Treasures

Nothing compares to a relaxing stroll along the beach while watching the sky change its colors. Take your time feeling the cool, soft sand underneath your toes as you keep an eye out for the most intricate seashells and other little treasures. From colorful sea glass to lucky sand dollars, you never know what may have washed ashore overnight!

Sunrise is the perfect time for beachcombing as the sand is completely visible without the addition of beach chairs and blankets that appear as people arrive to soak up the sun later in the morning. 

4. Enjoy a Sunrise Picnic on the Beach 

The early morning is the perfect time for a picnic on the Island. Pack a basket with fresh fruit, OJ, and a couple of scones and then head down to the beach. Lay a blanket on the sand and enjoy your breakfast as the most breathtaking view appears right before you. Get lost in conversation with your partner or bring a book and spend some alone time peacefully reading by the water. 

5. Catch the Early Bite

Looking for a more adventurous way to begin your morning? Head down to the dock or take the boat offshore to catch a morning bite. Beyond the shore you will find a variety of species of fish including flounder, tuna, mahi mahi, and marlin. Fish are especially active during the early morning, late afternoon, and at night as a way to avoid predators. As an added bonus, the sunrise makes for a beautiful view over the horizon as you navigate the boat east toward your favorite fishing spot. 

If you prefer freshwater fishing, check out some of the many ponds on the Island that are full of bass, tilapia, trout, and herring. We recommend heading out to the pond near the River Course for the most luck, since it’s one of the most abundant ponds on the Island.

6. Book the First Tee Time

Golf is one of the most beloved Kiawah Island activities due to the variety of impressive courses to choose from. Many locals are considered dew sweepers, or those who prefer to play in the early hours, heading to the course before sunrise in order to be one of the first to tee off. 

We suggest playing The Ocean Course in the morning, since it is located on the eastern-most end of the island. The prime location of this course allows for an unobstructed view of the sunrise above the coastline when you look out past the luscious greens. The cool breezes of a Kiawah Island morning allows you to finish the entire round without even breaking a sweat. Plus, the brisk wind makes the course more demanding, giving you a fun challenge to start your day. 

Watch the Sunrise Every Morning from Your Waterfront Home

Never miss a chance to watch the sunrise when you take up residency on Kiawah Island. Each and every day is filled with awe-inspiring moments like sunrises and other breathtaking scenes. All homes on Kiawah Island come with beautiful views, but oceanfront and marsh front views make for the most amazing sunrises. For maximum visibility of the spectacular scene, make sure to choose a waterfront home facing east — our team of Sales Experts can help with that. 

With ethereal sunrises and an abundance of things to do, Kiawah Island is a dream destination to call home. 

This content was originally published on May 2, 2019 and refreshed on August 6, 2021.