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Club Perks: Kiawah’s Exclusive Sasanqua Spa

Club Perks: Kiawah’s Exclusive Sasanqua Spa

May 19, 2021

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Spend a Day at The Member’s Only Sasanqua Spa

Tucked away in the tranquil marshes of Kiawah Island is the Sasanqua Spa, one of the most elegant spas in all of the Lowcountry. Only available to Kiawah Island Club Members, this modern oasis can transform your body and mind with just one visit. 

As you arrive to this iconic Kiawah Island spa, you first notice the stillness of the scenery, encouraging you into a state of relaxation. This feeling deepens as you walk up the wood bridge to the spa’s massive antique door that serves as a portal to an otherworldly escape. 

Once inside, Club Members are welcomed by breathtaking interior design envisioned by the renowned Clodagh — an interior designer from Ireland who specializes in what she has coined as life-enhancing architecture, meant to reflect the land it’s built upon. 

Continue reading to learn more about the spa itself, the upscale services offered, and the many ways Club Members spend their time relaxing here at this exclusive Kiawah Island spa. 

A Collection of Sasanqua Spa Services 

1. Massage Bodywork 

The Sasanqua Spa focuses on improving the mind, body, and soul of Members through specialized massage bodywork. The practice of massage therapy has been proven to release tension in the body, significantly reduce stress levels, aid chronic fatigue, and correct poor sleep. More importantly, Members seek this service for the indescribable relaxation they experience while here. 

A collection of massage treatments are offered at this Kiawah Island spa, including eastern cupping, reflexology, stone massage, and mineral detoxification. All treatments are coupled with organic ingredients that honor ancient traditional practices so that you may tune out the rest of the world, and let the expert therapists do their work in bringing balance back to your physical body. 

Popular bodywork treatment options include the following:

Sasanqua Spa Escape Massage

Reap the benefits of this invigorating massage that offers multiple therapeutic benefits. Feel the tension in your muscles dissolve with each long, flowing stroke. Paired with hot basalt stones, you will notice a significant change in the way your body’s flexibility after treatment. This service also includes a hydrating paraffin treatment for the hands and feet, an indulgent facial massage, and invigorating scalp treatment. 

Cupping and Massage

The cupping massage targets certain areas of the body in need of deep muscle relaxation. A suctioning device is placed along the most tense areas of the body to lift and release connective tissues holding unnecessary tension that adds to the overall tightness and discomfort.

Swe-Thai Massage

For greater benefits, a Swe-Thai massage combines Swedish stroke techniques with the rhythmic movement of a traditional Thai massage. During this style of massage, a therapist gently guides your body into various yoga positions for a deeper stretch that will unravel any knots and tension stored beneath your muscles. 

2. Skin therapy

Each facial is performed using classic European techniques to provide your skin with a long list of benefits. Antioxidant-rich ingredients are applied to the skin for a glowing complexion and much-needed dose of nutrients. 

Below are the most popular facial selections you can find at this beloved Kiawah Island spa. 

Age Corrective Facial

Soften your skin and erase any harsh lines that have developed over time with the Age Corrective Facial. Ingredients used with this treatment consist of complex, Swiss green apple stem cells, organic coconut oil, and monoi oil that will leave your complexion bright and smooth. 

Bright Skin Illuminating Facial

Club Members who spend their days exploring Kiawah’s landscapes often seek out this facial. As you may know, sun-kissed skin requires protection from harmful UV rays. This facial treatment can lessen the effects of sun damage by polishing the skin and applying a brightening product.

Gentlemen’s Facial

For men to look their best they also require regular skincare treatments. The Sasanqua Spa gentlemen’s facial was created to address male-related skincare concerns, such as pore refinement, sensitivity from shaving, and razor burn. The additional neck and shoulder massage is always appreciated, especially after a long day of playing golf on one of the Island’s seven courses

3. Body rituals

For optimal wellness, the body and mind must work in tandem together. When one is out of sync, the other quickly follows. Treating your body to a body ritual treatment can restore it back to balance. Each service offered at the Sasanqua Spa features VOYA skincare products, a line of natural products with ingredients derived from the Western coasts of Ireland. 

See some of the top body treatments offered at the Island’s most wellness-centric spa.

Stimulating Seaweed Body Buff

Organic seaweed from the cold waters of northwest Ireland is used from head to toe in this body buff treatment. The seaweed’s properties revitalize tired and dull skin, while infusing nutrients and antioxidants back into the body. 

Organic Warm Spice Mud Wrap

A VOYA seaweed-infused wrap forms a cocoon around the body for the ultimate detoxifying treatment. Ginger and oranges aromatic spices add to the luxuriance of the experience as a soothing form of aromatherapy. The mud wrap results in noticeably firm and tight skin immediately after the treatment session. 

4. Hair and nail enhancements

A full-service salon is available for Club Members wanting hair and nail services to complement the above treatments. For true pampering, Members can finish the day with a fresh cut and manicure, among many other service options. 

The Perks of Being a Kiawah Island Club Member

Access to the Sasanqua Spa isn’t the only thing you can look forward to as a Kiawah Island Club Member. Other health and wellness amenities include Marsh House, an elegant gathering space with an infinity edge pool that hangs above the marsh. Plus the Sports Pavilion, which offers the latest exercise-technology classes and equipment to enhance your health and fitness levels. 

Don’t forget the generous golf experiences Club Members love to partake in! With Membership, the Island’s two private golf courses are now available at your leisure. The highly-rated River Course and links-style Cassique Course provide endless opportunities for world class play — in addition to the Island’s five public courses. Club Members can further focus on their game by practicing their swing and putting skills at the state-of-the-art Golf Learning Center

These perks are just a handful of the adventures Members enjoy whenever they choose. If these amenities speak to you, contact us for more information regarding the Club, how to qualify for Membership, and the full list of included benefits you can look forward to. Click the button below to get in touch with us.

This blog post was originally published in 2016 and was refreshed in 2021.