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Health and Wellness Focused Interior Design

Health and Wellness Focused Interior Design

September 24, 2020

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The Benefits of Health and Wellness Design in Luxury Homes

Longevity and an enhanced sense of wellbeing is a goal many strive for. The link between one’s environment and health is complex but there is, without a doubt, a strong connection between the two. Luxury homes should incorporate interior design elements intended to enrich the lives of those who live there. 

As you will see, health and wellness design is apparent throughout each Kiawah Island home, and for good reason. Homes here not only blend with the Island’s natural landscape, but provide residents with a positive environment that promotes healthy living through well-thought-out design. As a luxury homebuyer, discover why designing for health and wellness should be at the top of your list when searching for, or building, a home here on Kiawah Island. 

The Importance of Health and Wellness Design 

The meaning of living well goes beyond luxury, it’s also about prioritizing your state of mind and physical health. When designing for health and wellness, nourishing the body and mind is of utmost importance. Because a good amount of time is spent within our homes, so it comes as no surprise that wellness design is becoming increasingly popular.

Within Kiawah homes, you will find several aspects that encourage healthy living. Windows with ample natural light, views accessible throughout each home, and access to natural landscape and waterways are common themes in all homes across the Island. In turn, residents are encouraged to create a deeper connection with Kiawah’s beauty and wildlife. Looking at natural scenery has been proven to reduce blood pressure, your heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress-related hormones. Along with natural beauty, thoughtful design can evoke positive feelings and emotions, while reducing negative feelings such as anger and sadness. Cultivating a home environment that provides you with these types of benefits is invaluable. 

Kiawah Island Homes Design Features

The following design elements are features homeowners can expect when purchasing a home on Kiawah. 

Hand-Picked Colors

Non-toxic paint is an essential component of wellness design. In all Kiawah Island developer homes, interior and exterior paints are hand selected to ensure the use of low VOC products, or volatile organic compounds. Avoiding VOCs is crucial for protecting your physical health, as these compounds can damage the central nervous system and other major organs. Rest assured, Kiawah developer homes are painted with VOC-standard products to ensure safe environments for all. 

Colors can also influence feelings and mood — a practice known as Color Psychology. Certain colors are known to promote states of relaxation, such as blues, greys, and whites. Bright red, yellow, and orange colors, on the other hand, tend to be energizing and invigorating. Incorporate these colors wisely, as some rooms will be better suited for a certain mood than others. For instance, a yellow bedroom might interfere with your sleep while a dark grey living room may be off-putting to guests when entertaining. 

Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone options for bathroom and kitchen countertops include gorgeous varieties of granite, soapstone, quartz, and marble. Many consider quartz, soapstone, and even marble to be naturally antimicrobial and capable of inhibiting bacteria and mold growth. These properties may protect you against microorganisms that can harm your health. 

Innovative Fixtures

As an Island, Kiawah’s community understands that water is essential. Touchless bathroom and kitchen fixtures are popular in luxury homes for various reasons. This style of fixture can promote water conservation and is more eco-friendly than traditional fixtures. In addition, they lend to less cross-contamination of germs and bacteria, as no contact is needed. With their sleek and contemporary look, touchless fixtures suit any style of wellness design. 

Intimate Gardens 

Gardening is an excellent activity for positive physical and mental health. Growing fresh, organic produce is not only nourishing for your body, but is a peaceful and calming hobby to try. Tending to a garden has been known to boost the immune system and reduce the production of cortisol, the hormone related to stress. Creating a formal garden or incorporating raised garden beds is a simple, and healthy, way to enjoy the outdoors.

Private Spa Experience

Consider having an Infrared sauna added into your home as part of your wellness design. Personal saunas are ideal for those looking to relax, detox, and rejuvenate on their own schedule. Health benefits of saunas include better sleep, weight loss, relief from joint pain or sore muscles, in addition to improved circulation throughout the body. Similar to the benefits of living on the beach, having a private spa experience in your home provides ample opportunities to unwind in the comfort of your own home. 

Personal Workspace

Floor plans with added lofts, such as The Cottages at Marsh Walk, can be transformed into a personal workspace. These areas may be used as a personal home office or home school area for children needing a quiet area to complete their schoolwork. Bonus rooms such as these are ideal for maximizing space and providing a productive environment.

Connection to Nature

Every home, commercial building, and man-made structure on Kiawah is built to foster a deeper connection with the Island’s beauty. Exterior design is meant to seamlessly blend with the surrounding marshes, winding rivers, and lush vegetation. Living close to nature creates a stronger sense of wellbeing and helps the mind recharge, refresh, and replenish. 

To better serve the community, Kiawah Island will soon be welcoming the addition of a full-service medical emergency and specialty care facility! Kiawah, and residents of the surrounding Sea Islands, can look forward to world-class healthcare near Freshfields Village

Introducing Front Nine Lane, a Community with a Focus on Wellbeing

These features are not only reflected in the home’s design, but across the Island’s communities. Front Nine Lane is the latest community development to arrive on Kiawah. Featuring 13 homesites, this neighborhood will include the above health and wellness design details, along with intimate, custom courtyards and innovative vertical living across four distinct floors. 

Homebuyers interested in Front Nine Lane can also look forward to residing  as close to The Ocean Course as possible — a once in a lifetime experience that is the epitome of living on Kiawah Island. 

Living Well on Kiawah Island

Making choices toward living a healthy and fulfilling life is a shared principle here on the Island. Exercise, fitness, nutrition, relaxation, and healthy social connections are a normal way of life. See what wellness design looks like first-hand by browsing available Kiawah Island homes for sale.