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A Look at Kiawah’s Indigo Park Neighborhood

A Look at Kiawah’s Indigo Park Neighborhood

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Learn More About the Environmentally-Friendly Indigo Park 

The Indigo Park community is truly a love letter to Kiawah’s expansive landscape. 

Dyal Compass, Christopher Rose Architects, and Royal Indigo are the creative minds behind the neighborhood. They didn’t want to take away from the Island’s beauty and strived to keep the area feeling as wild and natural as possible. The vision was to go full green — something that hadn’t been done on the Island yet. 

Indigo Park is the Island’s most eco-friendly community. The elegant neighborhood boasts quaint lots and proximity to some of the best amenities on all of Kiawah. Modern and coastal-esque, the charming bungalows are ideal for small or large families alike. 

In this post, you will learn all about this collection of outstanding homes and what makes it such a special place to live. 

Indigo Park Homes

A healthy living environment is important, and is visible in the details of each home. Throughout Indigo Park, you will notice the heavy focus on utilizing reusable materials that have all been manufactured no more than 500 miles away. Here, each home boasts reduced utility and maintenance costs, a healthier indoor environment, and environmentally responsible landscaping filled with native plantings. 

Eco-Friendly Design and Features

The spacious coastal bungalows are the definition of eco-friendly living with its LEED platinum certification — a prestigious title not many other communities have. Built with sustainable materials from the ground up, these homes are centered around a three acre community park that further connects residents to the outdoors. 

Each home has been built with the highest grade earth-friendly and sustainable materials available. Features such as hurricane-resistant windows, forest-certified garapa wood, Energy Star appliances, low-flow faucets, and native landscaping are standard for true sustainable design. What’s more, every garage is equipped with a charging port for electric cars. 

In retrospect, these features come as no surprise, as Kiawah has always had a focus on land and wildlife conservation. Preserving Kiawah’s beautiful natural landscape is at the heart of the community, just ask any Island local. Every lagoon, river, marsh, and beach play a role in keeping the environment alive and teeming with wildlife and vegetation. Eco-conscious building practices such as these are just one of many benefits of living in this community. 

Indigo Park’s HGTV Dream Home

In 2013, one of Indigo Park’s homes was selected as the HGTV Dream Home. The 3,000 square foot home included the standard energy efficient features and eco-friendly design elements. The HGTV Dream Home also came with carefully placed windows to maximize waterway views and an oversized rear deck with a unique plunge pool. 

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Living in Indigo Park

While the benefits of living in nature are understood to be endless, Indigo Park provides residents with an abundant dose of “neighborhood nature”, as we like to call it. As a community with a natural feel, you should strongly consider moving here if you are interested in living somewhere with abundant charm, natural beauty, and a deep respect for the environment.

A Look at the Neighborhood

Throughout the neighborhood, a large canopy of oak trees provide dappled sunlight as they delicately drape over you. You may also notice the bountiful palmettos dotted in between the individual properties. But, best of all? A three acre park connects residents to the land and offers plenty of opportunities for fishing and crabbing just mere steps from your home.

Nearby is Rhetts Bluff boat landing, the perfect spot to access the Kiawah river that’s known for its marine wildlife. Bottlenose dolphins are often seen feeding here, a rare spectacle Kiawah residents have the privilege of seeing. The river is also great for recreational activities such as boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and whatever else you’re interested in. 

Living here is not only an outdoor paradise, but a sporting one, too. Down the road is the Roy Barth Tennis Center, an impressive facility with some of the top tennis instructors in the game. Not to mention, the close proximity to the River Course and Sasanqua Spa which are only accessible to Kiawah Club Members. The River Course is said to be challenging and picturesque — every golfer’s dream. Club Members love heading over to the private spa when in need of total relaxation with an eco-friendly and rejuvenating spa treatment. 

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The Vanderhorst Plantation Community

Situated at the very center of the Island is the Vanderhorst Plantation community. Serving as its namesake, the Vanderhorst Mansion stands tall at the far edge of the Kiawah river. Passed across many generations, the Mansion is just one part of the Island’s rich history

This large community includes several smaller neighborhoods, such as Indigo Park, that have their own special features and flair. Other pocket communities include Ocean Park, Marsh Walk, The Cottages at Marsh Walk, and several others. 

Another perk, the Beach Club is located just outside the community’s gates and provides the ultimate pool day experience for families. Renovations have given the Beach Club an updated facelift to offer guests with an even better experience.  

Explore Indigo Park Homes

Indigo Park is the place where you should live when you want to be close to nature and find true outdoor living. Community residents here are both full- and part-time residents who enjoy Kiawah at their own pace. No lifestyle is better than the other, but the choice is yours. To see which Indigo Park homes are currently available, click the button below.