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Designing Your Island Property: Bathroom Edition

Designing Your Island Property: Bathroom Edition

November 18, 2021

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Coastal Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Luxury Home

While the design of a bathroom is frequently overlooked by larger areas such as the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room, bathrooms are in fact the most important space in the home. It is here that you begin each and every day, and unwind at the end of it. You and your guests deserve to spend these moments of solitude in a beautifully-designed space that fosters the sense of seaside tranquility that Kiawah Island provides. 

Continue reading to discover coastal bathroom decor ideas to elevate your luxury property. 

Design Ideas for Primary Bathrooms 

1. Open Layout

Incorporating an open layout in your ensuite bathroom is the key to creating a luxurious atmosphere. This design will make the bathroom appear more spacious and achieve maximum natural light throughout the room, enhancing the open and airy atmosphere. 

2. Freestanding Bathtub

coastal bathroom decor ideas

A freestanding bathtub can serve as the focal point for the design of your luxury bathroom. A vintage clawfoot or modern soaking tub are great options depending on your personal style.

Foa coastal-inspired design, try selecting a natural material for your tub, such as solid stone or wood detail. For example, Stone Forest soaking tubs are available in solid marble, limestone, and granite. Have the bathtub installed below a window so you can take in the picturesque views of the Island while relaxing in your personal sanctuary. 

3. Glass Shower

A glass shower is an essential feature in any luxury bathroom since it provides a modern design and beautiful aesthetic. The glass enlarges the space, allowing for natural light to filter through the entire room. For an experience that rivals a spa in the comfort of your own home, add multiple shower heads that provide luxury and practicality to your primary bathroom. 

4. Sauna 

The addition of a sauna is sure to transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Plus, a sauna provides health and wellness benefits, flushing out toxins and aiding in muscle recovery which will help you feel your best. A quick 15 minutes in your sauna will cleanse the skin, relieve stress, and even reduce blood pressure. 

5. Fireplace

There’s nothing better than relaxing by the fireplace — especially when said fireplace is in sight of your tub. Although the bathroom may not be the first room you would think to add a fireplace, it can provide warmth and romantic ambiance that is soothing after a long day of work or play.

6. Natural Light

When it comes to an en suite bathroom, the more natural light, the better! Natural light is important for many reasons healthwise. Better yet, large windows allow you to take in the natural scenery surrounding your waterfront home. To bring even more natural light into your bathroom, consider adding a pair of french doors or glass walls as a stunning detail that elevates the space. 

7. Light Fixtures

In addition to natural light, multiple layers of lighting can enhance the ambiance of your bathroom. A hanging light, such as a chandelier or pendant light above the bathtub adds elegance and warmth to the space for a relaxing evening in. Additionally, wall sconces placed on each side of the mirrors provide bright lighting that is perfect for personal pampering. Many Kiawah homeowners shop at GDC Home in Freshfields Village for unique light fixtures and other timeless home furnishings. 

Design Ideas for Guest Bathrooms 

1. Color Palette 

Guest bathrooms tend to get overlooked in the design process, however we think they are the perfect place to experiment with color palettes and daring patterns. Have a theme or color in mind that you didn’t want to commit to in the primary bathroom? Try it out in the guest bathroom. For a coastal-inspired design, we recommend painting the wall a stark shade of navy or a muted blue and adding unique, local art to complete the space.

2. Fresh Flowers and Plants 

Nothing brightens up a room quite like fresh flowers and plants. Place a bouquet of flowers in the bathroom when you’re expecting visitors — it’s a sweet welcome guests won’t forget. Create an arrangement using Terrain’s high-quality faux or preserved stems for everlasting beauty. 

3. Accessories and Toiletries

Living on Kiawah Island, you’re sure to host many visitors throughout the year. We recommend adding personal touches to help your guests feel as comfortable as possible, such as high quality towels, bath robes, and locally sourced products from the Members-only Sasanqua Spa

Design Ideas for Half-Bathrooms

1. Round Mirror 

Since half-bathrooms are usually relatively modest in size, a mirror can serve as the focal point of the room and set the tone of the decor. A large, round mirror with wooden, rope, or shell detailing brings the coastal vibe of the Island into your half-bathroom.

2. Statement Floor

A half bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with statement flooring. A unique mosaic tile design in an otherwise simple bathroom creates a trendy and elegant look that is sure to impress anyone who enters your home. 

3. Shiplap Walls

The addition of shiplap walls will bring nautical charm into your half bathroom. Add white, beige, or navy shiplap to one or all of the walls in the bathroom for an effortless coastal-chic design

Design Your Island Property

Here on Kiawah Island, many residents choose to design their own homes, knowing it will be their sanctuary for years to come. 

If you’re interested in building a custom home, there are many homesites across the Island available for purchase. You will be granted the unique ability to choose your dream location on the Island as well as design your personal oasis based on your individual preferences. 

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