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Designing Your Island Property: Bedroom Edition

Designing Your Island Property: Bedroom Edition

September 9, 2020

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Island Property Design Ideas for Luxurious Bedrooms 

The bedroom is like a personal sanctuary. It’s where we lay down to rest for the night, hoping to wake refreshed the following morning. Designing your Island property’s bedrooms to arouse feelings of tranquility, luxury, and comfort will benefit you, your family, and your overnight guests. 

Explore our list of design ideas for creating a beautiful master and guest bedrooms below.

Design Ideas for Every Bedroom

Color Palette

When designing your home’s bedrooms, the very first step is to decide on a color palette for each room.  

To create a color palette, follow the 60-30-10 rule interior designers live by. Choose a foundation color that will fill up to 60 percent of the room. Keep in mind, you can use various tones of each color. Then, choose a secondary color to be used in 30 percent of the room. Finally, the last 10 percent should be used as accents and small, final touches. As an Island property, we recommend selecting colors that reflect the natural wonder outside of your home. Think ocean blues, sunset reds, and neutral sandy colors.

Luxurious Bedding

Because you spend so many hours each night in bed, it makes sense that your bedding should be high-quality to encourage restful sleep. Fabrics like pima or Egyptian cotton are wonderful options, especially with a high thread count. It’s worth noting that styling a bed is somewhat of an art, but is a great guide for creating gorgeous bedrooms.


While stylized decor pieces are a luxurious touch, artwork is even more so. Art evokes emotion and can influence our moods. Abstract paintings with calming colors, or photos of serene landscapes are perfect in bedrooms. 

Kiawah Island homes suit many interior design styles, but coastal-inspired decor is the best way to showcase the natural beauty of the Island where you live.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are considered to be the jewelry of a space and, when done well, can tie a room together. Consider having a unique ceiling fixture hung above the bed to add elegance to the overall design scheme. Place a lamp on each bedside table to use for late night reading in bed and add decoration. 

Striking Furniture Pieces

Bedroom furniture requires a fine balance of incorporating matching pieces that are still unique to each other. In other words, furniture can be somewhat cohesive with certain common elements, but not be part of a perfectly matching set. To find this balance, choose items of similar materials and don’t stray too far from the colors in your palette. 

Varied Textiles

A curated selection of rugs, curtains, throws, and throw pillows add subtle hints of texture and color to really finish a room. These items fall in the ten percent sector, so don’t be afraid to add a pop of color if you have chosen a very neutral foundation color. You can also play with placement to see how these pieces work best.

Design Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Sitting Area

The bedroom shouldn’t just be for sleeping. As a personal sanctuary, it should provide you with a moment to escape and indulge in some quiet time alone. A separate sitting area or reading nook with comfortable, yet stylish, chairs and a side table will give you your own space to unwind before bed or throughout the day. 

Private Terrace

If possible, a private terrace is a great feature for an Island property! You won’t want to miss out on the picturesque views just outside your window, especially when living somewhere as stunning as Kiawah. A private balcony is the perfect place to watch the sunset and sunrise or take some time to stretch each morning. 


Although most beach homes don’t require a fireplace for warmth, having one in the master bedroom adds an unmatchable element of coziness. The mere sound of a crackling fire is bound to make your evenings even more peaceful. Choose a sleek limestone surround for a modern fireplace with an old world feel that doesn’t take up too much space. 

Personal Keepsakes

Most importantly, don’t forget to add mementos and personal keepsakes of you and your loved ones. Styled well, these items can be elegant while meaningful. For example, if you brought home a fabric from another country, have it made into a throw pillow as a reminder of your travels. Or, frame black and white family photos to create a chic gallery wall. The options on how you wish to display your personal keepsakes are endless.

Design Ideas for Guest Bedrooms

A Comfortable Bed

Your bed is likely very comfortable, but make sure your guests enjoy the same level of comfort with a nice mattress. These days, many online stores offer high-quality beds that can be delivered directly to your door without needing to schedule a delivery. Your guests will thank you for not overlooking this detail!

Sizeable Closet

Guest bedroom closets can easily become an afterthought if they don’t get much use. Living on an Island property, you will likely have many out of town guests coming to visit. Because of this, why not create a guest bedroom design that includes a large closet for them to use when staying at your home? 

Private Bathroom

Guests bedrooms with access to a private bathroom are another plus, if they can be added. Again, you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. Overnight visitors will appreciate a beautifully-designed bathroom outfitted with plenty of wash linens and other essentials, too.

Light Blocking Curtains

Vacations are meant for sleeping in, so allow your guests the chance to wake up without interruption. Commonly referred to as blackout curtains, these thick window treatments block out the majority of sunlight from entering a room. You can find shades in various styles to complement your decor and colors.

Design Your Island Property

Here on Kiawah, you can build your home to include all of the design ideas on your wishlist.  Many residents design their home knowing it will be used as a familial gathering place for generations to come because it’s not just a home, but a lifestyle.

If you wish to build a custom home, there are several homesites across the Island available for purchase. Starting the home building process from the beginning means you get to decide every detail, including the amount of space you would like and the surrounding views of your future home. Whether you have dreamed of owning a beach home, a house by the marsh, or a place on a golf course — the choice is all yours. 

Click the button below to view available homesites on Kiawah Island. 

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