Designing Your Island Property: Kitchen Edition

Designing Your Island Property: Kitchen Edition

October 7, 2020

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Kitchen Design Ideas for a Luxury Island Property

The kitchen is the heart of every Island property, which means it should be designed to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are an expert dinner party host or a master chef in the kitchen, below are some design ideas for creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Ideas for a Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen

Amateur chefs — and professional ones — will want a kitchen built for gourmet cooking. Every detail from top to bottom should be functional in order for you to serve up some incredible meals. Here are some functional design ideas for your Island property’s kitchen. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving is not only for the aesthetic, but it makes cooking a breeze. You can easily reach for whatever utensil you need to craft your dishes. You can even use wooden beams as shelving for a sea grotto look to reflect driftwood found on the beach.

Spacious Layout

A chef’s kitchen isn’t generally where you will be hosting, but rather, cooking. It will mainly be for you and your sous chef, so storage space and appliances are more important than an open layout meant just for entertaining. 

Gas Range

A gas range with four or six burners and a griddle are perfect for whipping up incredible meals. The extra burner space is especially handy when cooking for a large amount of people. Certain neighborhoods, such as Front Nine Lane, include top-quality cooking ranges from Wolf®

Sub-Zero Appliances

A Sub-Zero® refrigerator and freezer are extremely useful in keeping fresh or frozen meats and produce tasting as fresh as possible. Because the two units do not share the same air, the refrigerator keeps food moist and cool, while the freezer locks in dry, cold air. 

Separate Dishwashers

If you plan on doing lots of cooking, more than one dishwasher can certainly make your life easier and your kitchen cleaner. With so many utensils, bowls, dishes, and more being used during the cooking process, you can ensure your kitchen stays tidy with more than one dishwasher. 

Multiple Sinks

In addition to two dishwashers, you may also want more than one sink to keep your counter space cleared. One may be used for prepping and rinsing foods, while the other is used for cleaning purposes. This way, there is a lesser chance of cross-contamination, too. 

Pot Filler

Adding a pot filler to your kitchen is not only practical, but it will elevate your Island property kitchen into that of a true chef’s kitchen. This small detail makes adding water to heavy pots much easier than having to carry full pots from the sink to the stove. Plus, you can choose a style that compliments your kitchen so it looks beautiful as well. 

Ice Maker

Trust us when we say that an ice maker machine (built into your cabinet) will be an absolute hit. This brilliant invention produces fresh, pebble ice at your convenience. In addition, this ice doesn’t share space with your freezer, therefore pungent flavors from foods like meats and fish won’t infuse into your ice.

Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are an efficient way of keeping food warm, which can be a difficult task to juggle when cooking multiple dishes at one time. These drawers are sleek and do not take away from the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. 

Built-In Pizza Oven

Last but not least, consider adding a built-in pizza oven to your Island property kitchen. Homemade pizza paired with a fresh, seasonal salad and a glass of red wine always makes for a delicious dinner. Pizza ovens can also give your kitchen an old-world feel, if that is your style. Materials like brick and stone work best for beautiful ovens and great tasting pizzas. 

Ideas for an Entertainer’s Kitchen

Owning an Island property on Kiawah likely means you will have guests over at one point or another. Maybe you have family visiting from out of town, or you like to invite the neighbors over for dinner. See our list of ideas for creating a kitchen perfect for entertaining below.

Two Kitchen Islands

Not one, but two, kitchen islands are always desirable when entertaining! One island can serve as a prep space for guests to watch and assist with cooking. The other can be for serving, and arranging food spreads to present to guests. 

Wine Fridge

Another built-in feature, a wine fridge will keep your selection of wines perfectly chilled. A fridge with two distinct sections works best, as red and white wines are recommended to be kept at different temperatures. 

Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry 

The more cabinet space the better. Because you prefer a kitchen meant for entertaining, you will want plenty of storage space to hide your appliances and cooking tools. 

Large Windows

Adding large windows to your kitchen will bring in natural light and frame the views surrounding your Island property. Not only will guests enjoy the views, but you can also gaze out at the natural beauty while making your favorite meals and spending time with your loved ones. 

Stone Countertops

Another Front Nine Lane standard, stone countertops are a must in luxury kitchens! Choose soapstone for an English cottage look, or white marble if you prefer Southern and classic. What’s more, some stone countertops even have antimicrobial properties — just one of many advantages to health and wellness design. 

Striking Backsplash

Along with your stone countertops, a matching slab used as the backsplash of your Island property’s kitchen is always elegant and timeless. Square tiles in pearlescent and sheer tones are becoming quite popular for backsplashes as well.

Light Fixtures

One piece of advice, choose your light fixtures wisely! These are the main accent pieces that can change the entire look of a room. We recommend choosing light fixtures last and deciding on a style that would complement the look you are going for. 

Farmhouse Sink

Not just for traditional farmhouses, the farmhouse sink also adds style to your kitchen (see the featured image for an example). These sinks are also deeper than traditional options, so they are beneficial for clean up after entertaining. 

Butler’s Pantry

If your Island property has an open floor plan, you may choose to have a butler’s pantry with all of the above features included inside of it. The butler’s pantry is a large walk-in pantry that also houses a sink, and any other secondary appliances you wish to keep hidden from view. Those who cater events in their home may wish to create space for one!

Design Your Island Property

Your Kiawah Island property kitchen can be designed just for you. It’s only a matter of what you are looking for. Contact us via the button below if you are interested in browsing currently available homes or if you have any questions about building a custom home