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Designing Your Island Property: Living Room Edition

Designing Your Island Property: Living Room Edition

October 12, 2022

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Property Design Ideas for Your Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

Invoking soft, ethereal images of crystal clear water crashing against warm, beige sand, coastal design concepts are classic, fresh, and inviting. When designing your coastal farmhouse living room, it’s less about luxe decor ideas, and more about creating a relaxed and comfy space filled with cool tones and year-round summertime feeling. 

Your living room space is the heart of your home. So, it’s only natural that the gathering space for your family and friends should be a place of peace and relaxation. Below are our top design ideas for creating the coastal-inspired living room of your dreams.

Design Tips for Your Coastal Farmhouse Living Room 

Ready to completely redesign or spruce up your living room? Start with our recommendations to bring your nautical space to life.

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Choose a Coastal Color Palette

When designing your coastal farmhouse living room, choosing a color palette is the first step. A great rule of thumb to follow when choosing your color scheme is to use the 60-30-10 rule. When following this rule, you should choose a foundation color that fills up 60% of a room. Then, choose a secondary color that will take up 30%, leaving the remaining 10% to be used as accents, or small final touches. Using this rule as a guide allows you to set the perfect scene, and have a visually appealing living room. 

For an Island property, we recommend choosing colors that compliment the opulent coastal scenery. Imagine lots of soft blues, greens, neutrals and textural accents to really give your space that coastal flair. Additionally, you should incorporate pops of color throughout your living room in order to achieve a calm and uplifting style. 

To make it easy for our residents, Kiawah Island has an Architectural Review Board (ARB) to ensure all homes fit seamlessly into the nature that surrounds them. Afterall, it’s only fitting that the inside of your home compliments the naturally calming exterior — if you so wish, of course. 

Decor and Furniture

Your furniture and decor will be the focal point of your living space, so you’ll want to be sure that each piece positively reflects the coastal ambiance. To achieve that carefree, serene feeling, try to pick our pieces that are minimal and effortless — such as wicker tables, linen sofas, and wooden accent pieces. 

A great way to tie your whole living room together is through your decor. When you stick with a neutral color palette, adding some fun pops of color will make your coastal farmhouse living room feel inviting and modern. Accessories like throw pillows and blankets, colorful vases and bowls, and statement art pieces are all great choices when it comes to making your space uniquely your own! 

Lighting Matters 

If you’re tempted to spend more of your time choosing furnishings or puzzling over layouts, remember that lighting can completely transform a space. When you combine  a range of living room lighting fixtures, it creates the layers that are necessary for your day-to-day life. The right lighting makes your space warm and relaxing for evenings, bright enough for reading or other work, and peaceful enough to watch a movie, or entertain.

For your coastal farmhouse living room, consider having a unique ceiling fixture displayed above your couch to add a touch of elegance to your space. Additionally, placing lamps strategically around your living room area will add decoration and provide soft lighting.

Let Comfort Reign

Let’s be honest, as much as you want your living room to have that aesthetic coastal ambiance, comfort is of utmost importance. Afterall, the living room is where you will spend your time lounging and entertaining your loved ones, so it’s understandable that you want the space to feel cozy. Adding some personal touches, like soft throw blankets, pillows, and family photos will ultimately make you, and all of your guests feel more comfortable. 

Remember: Less is More 

With all of the options available for coastal decor, such as boats, seashells and anchors, it can be easy to go overboard. However, it’s important to remember that less is more, and your space will feel much more open and lively if you limit the amount of nautical knick-knacks on display. 

Add decor in small amounts to avoid overwhelming your space. Finishing touches like a serene statement piece of artwork or a light-toned area rug will really bring your space together without crowding the room.

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Bring Your Coastal Farmhouse Living Room Dreams to Life at Kiawah Island 

Here on Kiawah Island, you can build your home to include all of your incredible design ideas. Afterall, you’ll want your Island home to check all of your boxes, as it will be used as a familial gathering place for many years to come. 

If you want to become a Lowcountry resident, look no further than Kiawah Island. There are several homesites available for purchase across the Island, so you can build your one-of-a-kind home from top to bottom. Whether you have dreamed of owning a beachfront home, property by the marsh, or a house with golf course views — the choice is all yours. Click the button below to contact us and make your coastal farmhouse living room the shared space of your dreams at Kiawah Island.