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How to Design a Contemporary Beach Home

How to Design a Contemporary Beach Home

May 5, 2022

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7 Modern Beach House Design Tips You Will Love

When designing a modern beach house, the space should feel contemporary, while still reflecting your coastal location. A place where you can fully relax in your own private oasis and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. From choosing a calming color scheme to incorporating natural materials, there are a number of ways to add modern elements to your coastal home. 

Continue reading to discover design tips to create a modern beach house that you will delight in for years to come. 

1. Choose a Neutral Color Palette

When it comes to designing a modern beach house, a neutral color palette never goes out of style. While deciding on paint colors, we recommend considering shades of ivory, white, and beige inspired by the hues of sand on the beach. These light colors will open up the space and provide a contemporary feel while creating the perfect backdrop for coastal decor. 

If you seek pops of color, we suggest incorporating accent walls into the space to add some interest without feeling overwhelming. Use deep blues and hints of seafoam green that are reminiscent of the ocean to instantly create a coastal feel in your home. Or, add a pale peach accent wall that brings to mind the image of a sunrise to warm up the space. On Kiawah Island, our homes were created to blend seamlessly with the surrounding nature to create a living experience like none other. 

If you’re interested in built-for-sale homes created in harmony with nature, click here to check out our new developer offerings in Front Nine Lane, Marsh Walk, and The Burn. 

2. Incorporate Natural Materials and Textures

Another way to evoke a coastal feeling in your modern beach house is to incorporate natural textures and materials. Linen, jute, driftwood, and rattan are typically found in modern beach homes because they add an element of nature to the interior. The feeling of your coastal surroundings can be brought into your home with the use of these materials. So, consider incorporating a jute rug, rattan light fixtures, or woven decor to foster an organic feel in your home. 

3. Allow for Natural Light

A hallmark of modern interior design is the use of natural light to provide a bright and welcoming atmosphere. From grand floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interior with sunlight to glass doors that provide panoramic views of the surrounding area, modern designs are always striving to blend the indoors and the outdoors. Plus, with the breathtaking scenery across Kiawah Island, you’re going to want to display your immaculate surroundings to all who step foot into your Island home. 

The best way to maximize natural light is to avoid blinds that block the view and instead opt for sheer curtains or woven roller shades. If you are able to, choose french doors to allow even more light to shine through. Another way to brighten the atmosphere is to incorporate skylights which will illuminate the space from above. Installing skylights in bathrooms, stairwells, and home offices is a great way to enliven these typically dark spaces.

4. Add Statement Lighting Fixtures

When decorating your modern beach house, don’t shy away from statement lighting. Light fixtures can elevate your space and add a focal point to any room. For a coastal aesthetic, choose light fixtures that incorporate rattan, natural rope, or oyster shells into the design. If you’re going for an even more modernized look, choose uniquely shaped fixtures in dramatic formations to further elevate the space. 

In addition to overhead lighting, you should consider adding lamps and sconces to complement your coastal decor. These decorative pieces can be used to add pops of color to a room or incorporate additional natural elements. Plus, the use of layered lighting can help create warmth in your home and set the mood for various occasions. 

5. Prioritize Indoor-Outdoor Living

To fully enjoy your Island oasis, be sure to incorporate indoor-outdoor living into the design of your home. In order to do so, extend the dining and entertainment areas into the outdoors. Utilize sliding glass doors to further blur the lines between your indoor spaces and outdoor areas. Luckily, many of our built-for-sale offerings on Kiawah Island put an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living from the conceptualization of the home. 

To make your outdoor living spaces feel even more luxurious, consider adding televisions, a fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen perfect for barbecues with neighbors and friends. That way, you can enjoy all of the comforts of your home, while breathing in the fresh salty air and admiring the beautiful scenery of the Island. 

6. Display Contemporary Art

When selecting art for the modern beach house, try to steer away from traditional beach images of seashells and fish. Instead, opt for modern paintings that evoke feelings of the coastal environment without recreating it entirely. For example, an abstract painting incorporating deep blues alludes to the ocean, while still remaining contemporary. Or, choose textured art for even more visual interest. 

7. Bring In Coastal Plants and Flowers

As mentioned above, natural elements are the best way to decorate a modern beach house. Plants and flowers can be used as a focal point or accent to liven up any space. For example, a large Bird of Paradise or Monstera plant will immediately catch the eye of anyone who enters the space and evoke a coastal vibe. Meanwhile, a bouquet of hydrangeas or white roses can add the perfect finishing touch to a side table or kitchen island. 

Create Your Modern Beach House on Kiawah Island

Located on Kiawah Island, our luxury community offers residents the ability to create the coastal oasis of their dreams. Each enclave has its own distinctive character so residents are able to choose a property that aligns with their personal style. There are many different types of properties in our neighborhoods, ranging from modern homes to rustic cottages.

If you’d prefer to have complete control over the design process, consider purchasing a homesite on the Island. That way, you can custom-build your home and work closely with the builder and architect to ensure that the home has all of the design features you have envisioned. Plus, you can choose the view you wish to have whether it be the Atlantic Ocean, the Kiawah River, a world-class golf course, or the maritime forest.

If you are interested in property on Kiawah Island, we invite you to reach out to us at Kiawah Island Real Estate. As the primary real estate firm on the Island, we can help you find the perfect home or homesite for you. 



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