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How to Decorate Your Coastal Home for Spring

How to Decorate Your Coastal Home for Spring

April 13, 2022

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7 Spring Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Spring has officially sprung on Kiawah Island! As the cool winter air fades to a warm spring breeze, we are reminded of the fresh hope of a new season. In keeping with this theme, many residents enjoy revitalizing their homes during the spring months in order to embrace the season of change. 

Continue reading to discover how to decorate your coastal home for the spring season. 

1. Embrace Spring Cleaning 

Before you begin decorating your home, it is important to give your space a fresh start. Take this time to clean out your home and reorganize your belongings. Gather items that go unused and donate them to a local thrift store or charity. Not only will letting go of clutter help to transform your space, but it will also refresh your mindset for the new season. 

Next, gather the items you wish to keep and organize them neatly out of sight in baskets, drawers, or cabinetry. The items you wish to display can be neatly placed on shelves or side tables. Once you have re-organized your home, you can begin decorating your fresh space for the new season. 

2. Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces

With warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours during the springtime, you will want to spend even more time enjoying the outdoor spaces of your Island home. For this reason, now is the perfect time to give your porch or patio a makeover so you can enjoy the fresh air and awe-inspiring views all spring and summer long.

To spruce up your outdoor space for the season, add a comfortable sofa or daybed with colorful throw blankets and pillows that you will want to lounge in all day long. Next, add vibrant flower pots and other fresh plants to create an outdoor, Island oasis. Complete the space with a fire pit and ambient lighting to set the mood as the sun goes down. Use this inviting space to entertain guests or simply unwind with your favorite book at the end of each day. 

3. Swap Out Throw Blankets and Pillows

Once you have completed your outdoor spaces, it is time to refresh the interior of your home. Start by swapping out the thick, cozy blankets and pillows used during the fall and winter seasons for lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool during the warmer months. For example, a breathable cotton blanket and silk pillowcases will refresh your space and keep you comfortable during the season. Choose high-quality fabrics in light neutrals or soft hues to keep with the spring theme of your Island home. 

4. Add Pops of Pastel

It’s difficult to imagine springtime without picturing pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green. Incorporating hints of these hues is an easy way to spruce up your spring home decor for the season. Whether it’s a blush vase or periwinkle picture frame, these seemingly small details can transform your space into a spring-inspired haven.  

5. Showcase Lively Artwork

The simplest way to refresh your spring home decor for the season is by swapping out artwork. During the wintertime, you may have displayed seasonal artwork in dark or bright colors. The springtime is the perfect time to swap these pieces for lighter pieces that evoke a calming effect. 

Look for art pieces that reflect the beauty of nature and new beginnings, such as flowers blooming or birds fluttering through the sky. If you are in the market for updated artwork, we recommend visiting Patricia Reno Huff Gallery & Studio in Freshfields Village. As a Lowcountry local, her paintings reflect charming scenes of nature, such as native oak trees and blooming botanicals. During the spring, these colorful masterpieces are just what you need to brighten up your home. 

6. Display Fresh Flowers and Greenery

There is nothing that says spring quite like blossoming flowers and greenery. Consider bringing this natural aesthetic into your home by creating a bright springtime bouquet incorporating pink peonies, sunflowers, roses, and any other favored flowers. Place these bouquets and plants on the focal points of your home, such as the entryway, kitchen island, and dining room to liven up your space. 

7. Light Fresh Scented Candles

After you have spent some time refreshing your spring home decor, pick up a fresh-scented candle as a finishing touch. We recommend stopping by Palmetto Scent Studio in Freshfields Village to browse their selection of refreshing fragrances. In terms of floral scents, they offer cherry blossom, lavender, honeysuckle, and lilac to name a few. 

If springtime enhances your desire to enjoy the nature of the Island, Palmetto Scent Studios also offers locally-inspired scents. For example, the “Angel Oak” fragrance encompasses the earthy, fresh essence of the legendary southern oak tree that has graced the Lowcountry for over 500 years. Meanwhile, the “Charleston Harbor” fragrance incorporates the breezy, salty air one breathes in while spending the day out on the water. With these natural aromas filling your home, you can smell the fresh scents of the season during all hours of the day. 

Welcome Spring’s Arrival on Kiawah Island

The spring season on Kiawah Island is truly magical. As the flowers bloom and the migrating birds return to the Island, we are reminded of the serene beauty that encompasses Kiawah. And as the days become longer, we spend even more time in nature enjoying the activities we love. Whether it’s golfing along the shoreline or biking the winding trails through the maritime forest, springtime is much-anticipated among locals. 

If you wish to experience the splendor of spring on Kiawah, you are welcome to visit the Island to take in the secluded beauty. While you’re here, we look forward to taking you on a tour of the homes and homesites available for purchase as well as introducing you to the exclusive Kiawah Island Club. Click the button below to get in touch with us and begin planning your visit to the Island.