Green Living at Indigo Park

The name denotes dreamy blue waters, but Indigo Park is actually one of the greenest spot on Kiawah Island! This exclusive neighborhood features LEED-certified buildings that use the highest-grade sustainable materials. Our meticulous building guidelines lessen environmental impact without sacrificing beauty and comfort. In fact, these homes are incredibly durable: truly built to last so you can enjoy a central location and Lowcountry views for decades to come.

We’re taking a virtual tour of some of Indigo Park’s unique features as well as our favorite available homes. The neighborhood is so sought-after it was the site of the 2013 HGTV Dream Home!

Green Living at Indigo Park

Indigo Park features just 16 homes, all sustainably built from the ground up. The landscape includes serene marshes and grand live oak trees adjacent to a three-acre community park, underscoring the neighborhood’s natural aura and allure. Indigenous species like blue herons and white Ibis make their home on the marshes, offering a continued connection to the natural world. What’s more, Indigo Park is located centrally within the island, near The River Course and Sasanqua Spa. Recreation and rejuvenation are both within arm’s reach in this beautiful neighborhood!


121 Halona Lane

A light-filled cottage in a premier neighborhood. Living at 121 Halona Lane redefines green living: the space complements its natural surroundings while paying respect to Mother Nature. The LEED-certified home is designed to withstand hurricanes and tropical storms, ensuring ultimate peace of mind. Lounge by the private pool, featuring marsh views that create an infinity-pool effect. The interiors are totally modern: think clean lines, crisp white paint, and architectural details like exposed ceiling beams. A chef’s kitchen and deluxe, marble-filled bathroom are simply icing on the cake of this five-bedroom retreat.


119 Halona Lane

A three-bedroom, three-bathroom home, 119 Halona Lane features a smart, sleek lap pool ideal for exercise and relaxation alike. The loft area makes a bold statement while accentuating the home’s high ceilings and light-filled rooms. Style-wise, this LEED-certified beauty blends modern aesthetic with coastal touches.


141 Halona Lane

With four bedrooms and three baths, 141 Halone Lane is spacious enough to accommodate guests yet cozy enough to serve as a private retreat for two. Spacious porches, built-ins, and a sleek kitchen are ideal for modern tastes while staying in touch with the natural aesthetic of the island. A soaking tub and walk-in shower in the master suite further exude the restorative power of this stunning home.

Kiawah Island Animals

Kiawah Island’s Abundant Animals

Kiawah Island boasts a unique balance of tasteful development and natural landscapes. There are plenty of ways to take a walk on the wild side on the island (by bike, on foot, or via kayak, to name a few)— and you’re likely to encounter some of Kiawah’s native animals during your stroll. Learn more about the birds, reptiles, and mammals that inhabit the island below based on their preferred terrain.



The island’s sandy stretch of beach along the Atlantic Ocean is as much a draw for native species as it is for Kiawah residents. Beach terrain and seawater offer a comfortable home for species like horseshoe crab, ghost crab, bottlenose dolphins, and loggerhead sea turtles.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach for an important, conservation-focused reason: birds. Native birds like black-bellied plovers, sanderlings, sandpipers, gulls, brown pelicans, and oystercatchers flourish in the east and west ends of the beach in particular.

 Beach animals:

  • Horseshoe crab: These alien-looking animals aren’t actually crabs at all! They’re a different type of marine arthropod and are so ancient (450 million years old!) that they’re considered living fossils.
  • Ghost crab: These quick crustaceans love to run to and from sandy dunes to the water, looking at you all the way with elongated eye stalks. Their name comes from their translucent color and their increased activity at night!
  • Bottlenose dolphins: These smart, beloved mammals typically travel in pods, or groups, of 10-30. You may notice their dorsal fins first as they surface for air while swimming.
  • Loggerhead sea turtles: Loggerheads are an oceanic turtle that are an endangered species. They’re omnivorous (eat both vegetation and animal species) and nest on land, usually late at night in the summer months, roughly May through August.
  • Black-bellied plovers: These long-distance migrants breed in the Arctic regions yet make their way all the way to Kiawah’s shores!
  • Sanderlings: Similar to plovers, sanderlings typically breed in the high arctic tundra. When they’re in Kiawah, you’ll notice them wading in the water.
  • Sandpipers: These cute shorebirds use their sensitive beaks to probe the sand for food.
  • Gulls: These seabirds are closely related to terns, which you’ll also spot on the island. Gulls have a highly developed social structure and are intelligent animals known to use tools to help catch prey (they’ve even held bread in their beaks to catch fish!).
  • Brown pelicans: Watch brown pelicans dive to catch their prey from above, holding fish in their large gullet. These large birds love to soar along the shoreline in tidy lines.
  • Oystercatchers: Look for bright orange beaks and a black head to identify the oystercatcher, a medium-sized bird that wades in the shoreline.



Kiawah’s marshlands provide a rich habitat for birds like Carolina wrens, painted buntings, and several types of warblers. The salt marshes feature brackish water—a mix of fresh and saltwater—that attracts crabs like the stone crab (bonus: here are some tips to go crabbing!). Alligators also naturally live in marshland areas.

Marshland animals:

  • Carolina wren: The Carolina wren is South Carolina’s state bird! This small bird has a shockingly loud, piercing call for its size. Keep your eyes peeled for its cinnamon-colored plumes and telltale white stripe above its eyebrow.
  • Painted buntings: You’ll know a painted bunting when you see one. Its bright, primary colors are hard to miss! Look for a bright red belly, yellow feathers around its neck, and a deep blue head.
  • Warblers: These small, colorful birds are named for their call, which sounds like a vibrato whistle. Listen up!
  • Stone crab: The stone crab is widely caught for food — it’s a delicacy for humans and predators like grouper and sea turtles!
  • Alligators: The American alligator is common throughout waterways on the island. Aggressive alligators are uncommon, but steer clear of these ancient animals, and report an aggressive one to our Town Hall, (843) 768-9166.



Rivers are a lifeline for animals living along the banks. On Kiawah, conservation areas like Beck Island benefit from the life-giving water of the Kiawah River. Beck Island offers prime habitat for birds, but it’s largely a refuge for mammalian wildlife like bobcats, deer, raccoons, and otters.

River animals:

  • Bobcats: A type of lynx, bobcats are hunting cats with beautiful fur coats. They typically feast on smaller animals like squirrels or mice but have been known to hunt deer, particularly during the fawning season.
  • Deer: Adaptable and adorable white-tailed deer live throughout Kiawah with a preference for river areas. Learn more about them here.
  • Raccoons: These medium-size mammals are smart, social animals with a telltale black mask fur pattern.
  • Otters: Otters were recently spotted on Beck Island! These semiaquatic mammals are playful, natural-born swimmers.



Kiawah Island is home to a maritime forest — shoreline estuaries with trees in reach of salt spray. The maritime forest is home to many of the same animals you’d find in river areas like Beck Island as well as some of the animals who call the marshlands home. This includes deer, raccoons, and painted buntings.


Guided Nature Walks

Now that you know more about Kiawah’s many animals, you may be interested in one of our guided naturalist walks. We offer a variety of guided tours, including a nighttime beach walk, ocean beachcombing and seining, a sunset cycle, a wetlands bike ride, and beginning birding classes all designed to nurture a love of nature. Browse them all here.


Nature-Adjacent Properties

When you become a Kiawah Island homeowner, you receive unparalleled access to the island’s pristine, natural habitats. However, if you’re an adamant nature lover, some properties offer more access to flora and fauna than others. Be the first to live at 456 Caroline Shores Lane, a forthcoming property in the Ocean Park neighborhood nestled in Kiawah’s marshlands and designed by award-winning architect Christopher Rose. Or, enjoy peaceful woodland views at 509 Claret Way in the Cassique neighborhood. Its open-concept floor plan means you’ll have a clear view of nature from any spot in the house.

Create Your Own Family Fun Day on Kiawah Island

Create Your Own Family Fun Day

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once famously quipped, “There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.” Sounds like he hasn’t been to Kiawah Island!

On Kiawah, fun for the whole family is an everyday reality. Children, adults, and grandparents, each with different interests, find plenty of delightful diversions awaiting them here.

We’d start their list with outdoor excursions—from kayaking Kiawah’s tidal creeks to bicycling the Island’s extensive trails together—and add arts & crafts, summer farmer’s markets, tennis matches, golf lessons, boating tours, movies on the green, luxury spa days, and so much more!

Our suggestion? Create your own family fun day starting with the ideas below.

For the Outdoorsy Family

Kiawah’s golf resort was named the best in the country by Travel + Leisure Golf, so it’s no surprise we have plenty of ways to hit the links!

The Island’s golf roster includes nine incredible courses with options for Kiawah Island Club Members and the general public alike. Kiawah is also home to the best tennis resorts in the world, according to Play doubles with the whole family and take advantage of daily clinics, drills, and private lessons designed for every age and skill level.

Another great place to engage the whole family is the Kiawah Island Nature Center, your stop for booking incredible wildlife tours, fishing excursions, paddling tours, bird-watching classes, and so much more. Active families will also love Night Heron Park, which features volleyball courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, a pool, and a playground.

Of course, the beach is another favorite, and Kiawah Island offers ten miles of pristine sand along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

For the Artistic Family

Art lovers can nurture their creative side at the Turtles’ Nest Art Studio, located in the Nature Center at Night Heron Park. This spacious, indoor studio features robust programming, from glass fusing for kids to a “Wine and Design” painting class for adults. Wells Gallery at The Sanctuary Resort is another destination for artsy families. Displaying contemporary art focused on the Lowcountry region, the gallery features a variety of mediums including oil paintings, jewelry, and watercolors.

For the Leisurely Family

Hit the beach and the spa, then go shopping!

First, take advantage of the beach’s tranquil, restorative properties as you flip through your favorite book or magazine—or your latest find at Indigo Books in Freshfields Village.

Next, enjoy total relaxation and rejuvenation at Sasanqua Spa (check out their luxury spa services here) or The Spa at The Sanctuary.

And of course, a little retail therapy can be vital for the whole family. Freshfields Village, located at the traffic circle leading to Kiawah, features local boutiques and specialty shops in a delightfully nostalgic setting.

For the Foodie Family

Come hungry! From a variety of dining options at Freshfields Village to the Club-Members-only Voysey’s, with a menu inspired by consulting chef Tom Colicchio of BravoTV’s Top Chef, Kiawah caters to every taste. The Sanctuary offers a sushi lounge and the popular Jasmine Porch for Lowcountry dining. Enjoy an oceanfront setting at Loggerhead Grill, or keep it casual at Town Center Market. Tomasso boasts hearty Italian fare while FortyEight Wine Bar is ideal for an incredible wine selection and delicious light fare. Swing by Java Java for a custom beverage concoction.

Finish your culinary experience off with a sweet treat at Inn Side Scoop, offering floats, sundaes, malts, and more, or the old-fashioned soda fountain at Vincent’s in Freshfields Village.

For the Musical Family

Scope out live music at select bars and restaurants in Freshfield Village, including guitarist Chris Dodson’s weekly residency at FortyEight Wine Bar. Or pack a picnic lunch for the entire family to enjoy during Freshfields Village’s free Music on the Green events, held every summertime Friday evening. Sip some wine as the kids dance to the tunes!

You can also experience top jazz artists alongside incredible views at the annual Weekend of Jazz every November. (Word to the wise, though: plan well ahead! This event books up as much as a year in advance.)

Hope to see you and your family enjoying Kiawah’s many diversions soon!

Fall Events in Charleston

For all of the delights of Kiawah Island, one of the greatest perks of Island life is the closeness of historic Charleston, which lies just 21 miles north of Kiawah. This makes for more than just quick airport commutes; with an eclectic list of cultural events every month of the year, you’ll want to make the short trip into Charleston a regular occurrence.

The team at Kiawah Island Real Estate hand-curates and shares its favorite fall events on our Event Calendar, updated weekly. As you sit down to plan your fall escape to Kiawah, check out what’s happening in the greater Charleston area:

Fall Events in Charleston


October 5-29

The historic beauty and charm of Charleston comes alive as the Friends of the Preservation Society of Charleston welcome you inside the private interiors of some of the nation’s most exceptional historic houses. You’ve probably seen the exteriors of these exquisite homes and wondered what’s behind the brick walls or stately doors. Wonder no more with this annual tour amid some of the best weather of the season! Details can be found here.


October 18-22

This classical music festival showcases the work of black composers and performers. In just a few short years—the fest debuted in 2013—this important concert series has brought in global, national, and regional black artists of African descent while also drawing attention to overlooked composers like Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, a contemporary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Review the full schedule of events here.


November 9-11

GRAMMY®-winning guitarist Earl Klugh’s renowned Weekend of Jazz returns to Kiawah Island Golf Resort! Since 2004, Earl Klugh has been bringing world-renowned artists together with jazz enthusiasts for his one-of-a-kind weekend getaways. This year’s fest includes performances by Vanessa Williams, Herb Alpert, Jamison Ross, Vincent Ingala, and many more. Enjoy Earl Klugh’s Weekend of Jazz at two five-star, five-diamond properties; The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and The Sanctuary on Kiawah. Learn more here.


November 10 – January 1, 2018

An estimated two million sparkling lights are sure to dazzle at this beloved annual event, which kicks off on November 10 and runs nightly through New Year’s Day. In addition to light displays, holiday activities abound: roast marshmallows by the fire, explore Santa’s Sweet Shoppe, take a festival train ride, or get a little shopping done at four distinct gift shops, including a children’s toy shop. Get all the details here.


December 1

This free event features more than 40 distinct galleries, each offering refreshments and staying open late from 5-8 p.m. Many galleries will also feature artists in attendance. Check out more information here.


January 10-21, 2018

One of the region’s most anticipated culinary events, Charleston Restaurant Week offers the opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned cuisine of the Lowcountry as participating restaurants offer prix fixe lunch and dinner menus. You may want to start any dietary New Year’s resolutions a little late! Learn more here.