Designing Your Island Property: Walk-In Pantry Edition

Designing Your Island Property: Walk-In Pantry Edition

November 15, 2022

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How to Design a Walk-In Luxury Pantry

Your pantry is one of the most all-encompassing storage niches in your home. Thoughtfully curated just for you, your walk-in luxury pantry should reflect not only your sense of style but meet your functionality needs as well.

There are a few important elements that should be included in a panty design that is not only practical, but also make cooking more fun and easy. Continue reading to learn our top five tips when designing your walk-in luxury pantry that will help keep your kitchen clutter-free.

What’s a Pantry?

Originally, kitchen pantries were used as cool, dark places to store perishable foods. However, in recent years, the pantry has once again become a desirable kitchen feature, as people strive to have an authentic, traditional kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as the heart of their homes.

Today, pantries serve as a place to store food products and appliances, from pasta and jarred sauces, to coffee machines and spin mixers. They are like an extension of your kitchen and come in a variety of styles.

Walk-in pantry: a closet space added to a kitchen

Butler’s pantry: a small transitional room between the dining area and kitchen

Wall pantry: a pantry built into a wall of the kitchen

Built-in cabinet pantry: a customized type of pantry that can be incorporated within the architectural design of a home’s kitchen

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Tips for Designing Your Walk-in Luxury Pantry

Let’s face it: kitchen cupboards and countertops only have so much room. That’s why we’re here to discuss five expert tips you should consider when designing your walk-in luxury pantry.

1. Wrap Around Shelving and Plenty of Drawers

The ability to go in, glance around, and swiftly get what you need is essential for a functional pantry. To achieve this, consider installing wrap-around shelving to neatly store all of your kitchen accessories, spices, snacks, and cookbooks. Having more storage space will ultimately push you to keep things neat, as well as make the area more usable.

For additional, more hidden, storage options, installing plenty of drawers is a must. Here, you can store items you don’t use as often, things you want out of sight, or smaller pantry essentials. Remember, you want your walk-in luxury pantry to be personalized to your specific needs — and adding shelves and drawers will help do just that!

2. Install Narrow Countertops

For walk-in pantries that have the space, a narrow countertop is a convenience you won’t want to pass up. It looks sharp, making your pantry resemble a kitchenette, and is perfect for preparing things like coffee or cocktails. Having additional counter space in your home allows you ​​to collect and sort items before bringing them into the kitchen, and it gives you a place to store grocery bags full of pantry supplies.

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3. Let There Be Light

Pantries typically don’t have windows that bring in natural light, so it’s important to ensure that you install adequate lighting. Consider a motion sensor LED light that activates when you open the door. When you have an arm full of groceries, you’ll be glad you installed this feature.

Additionally, you can install lighting along your shelves, so you’ll have a much easier time finding that sweet midnight snack. If you’re a cooking connoisseur and plan on spending considerable amounts of time in your pantry, you might want some natural light to make the space more comfortable. If this is the case, a skylight is a great option for you — as it will make your space feel more open and refreshing.

4. Stow Away Kitchen Appliances

Nowadays, everyone strives for that minimalistic look when it comes to designing a kitchen and pantry. This means homeowners must take bigger kitchen appliances into consideration when designing their walk-in luxury pantry. Your built-in shelving in your pantry is a great place to store appliances that can sometimes take up too much space in your kitchen, such as a microwave, blender, or toaster.

5. Utilize Clear Stackable Storage Containers

Airtight containers aid in the preservation of food, spices, and baking ingredients. Investing in transparent food storage containers is a good idea for two reasons. For starters, you can visualize how much of a certain item you have and add any low-stock products to your grocery list. Secondly, stacking containers maximize available space while keeping the stacked objects solid and safe.

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Design the Pantry of Your Dreams in a Kiawah Island Home

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