How to Spend a Day at the Sasanqua Spa on Kiawah Island

How to Spend a Day at the Sasanqua Spa on Kiawah Island

May 16, 2022

Categories: Lifestyle

Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul at the Sasanqua Spa

Situated beneath moss-draped live oak trees along the vistas of the Kiawah River sits the exclusive Sasanqua Spa. The 10,000 square-foot haven, created by world-renowned interior designer and architect, Clodagh, was built on a conserved saltwater marsh among natural fauna habitats. Here, Members of the Kiawah Island Club indulge in pure relaxation and signature treatments that leave them feeling restored and rejuvenated. 

Continue reading to discover how to spend a day unwinding at the Sasanqua Spa among the natural beauty of Kiawah Island. 

1. Take a Dip in a Hydrotherapy Pool

Begin your day of zen by taking a dip in one of the spa’s outdoor hydrotherapy pools. Here, you can feel the stress melt away, while you lounge in the soothing water and breathe in the salty air of the Island. It is the perfect way to relax your muscles and enter into a tranquil mindset for the rest of your day. 

2. Unwind in the Sauna 

After you have soaked in the hydrotherapy pool, head to the sauna to warm your body and enjoy additional health benefits. Spending time in a sauna promotes detoxification to help the body eliminate harmful toxins. Additional benefits include smoother skin texture, reduced inflammation, and improved heart health to promote overall wellness and tranquility. 

3. Get a Massage

Once you have entered into a relaxed mindset, we recommend receiving a rejuvenating massage of your choice from our collection of therapies reflecting ancient practices. If you prefer light to medium pressure, we recommend selecting the Kiawah Classic Massage to enhance circulation. Meanwhile, if you have considerable tension and need deeper pressure, you may want to consider receiving the Kiawah Deep Muscle and Relieve & Repair Massage to help relieve chronic pain. 

Additional healing treatments include a healing stone massage, which uses basalt stones to melt away stress as well as reflexology, which targets specific pressure points to release blockages in the muscles. As a final recommendation, if you are looking to promote healthy energy levels, sleep, and overall well-being, we highly recommend the Mineral Wellness Massage, to replenish commonly deficient levels of this essential mineral. Other customized massages include a Mom-to-Be Massage, a Targeted Massage, and a Thai Foot Massage. No matter which soothing massage you decide to receive, you’re sure to leave feeling like the best version of yourself. 

4. Book a Facial 

Following your massage, spend some time nurturing your skin with a treatment performed by a certified aesthetician. Each of our skin therapy treatments includes an analysis of your skin so your facial can be tailored to your specific needs. If you are looking to receive anti-aging benefits, we recommend the Age Corrective Facial to deliver instant firming action and soften any wrinkles. Meanwhile, the Bright Skin Illuminating Facial is perfect for those who exhibit signs of sun damage and wish to fade dark spots. We also offer a Gentleman’s Facial designed specifically for men to address common skincare concerns, such as razor burn and pore refinement. 

In addition to traditional facials, we offer several advanced facial enhancements to target anti-aging, pigmentation, and acne. For example, our microdermabrasion treatment mechanically removes the outermost layer of the skin to help stimulate collagen production and maintain elasticity. If you prefer chemical exfoliation, our lactic acid peel provides a complete surface and pore-refining treatment that provides immediate skin-smoothing results. To determine which enhancement is right for you, your aesthetician can provide recommendations based on the condition of your skin. 

5. Receive a Body Treatment 

Following your facial treatments, it’s time to move on to the rest of your body. At the Sasanqua Spa, we offer the brand VOYA, which harnesses the endless restorative and healing powers of seaweed. Our Hydrating Body Scrub involves VOYA’s dual-action lathering body buff which exfoliates with finely ground walnut shells and nourishes your skin with a blend of almond oil, seaweed, and ginger extracts. This gentle yet effective formula removes dead skin cells to reveal silky smooth skin from head to toe. 

Or, try one of our organic body wraps to revive your skin. The Warm Spice Mud Wrap is infused with aromatic spices of ginger and orange to revive the senses and seaweed to deliver firming and toning effects on the skin. Meanwhile, the Seaweed Wrap places seaweed ribbons onto the body so your skin can absorb the many vitamins and minerals. While the seaweed works its magic, you will receive a calming scalp massage. 

6. Enjoy a Manicure and Pedicure

A Sasanqua Spa day is not complete without a manicure and pedicure to top it all off. Spend the end of your day enjoying the beautiful views of the marsh while an experienced nail technician rejuvenates your hands and feet. In addition to basic manicures and pedicures, we also offer enhanced treatments. Our Brightening Manicure and Pedicure incorporates a unique multi-acid peel for exfoliation, a soak in muscle-relieving minerals, as well as essential oils to nourish the skin. Additionally, our Island Aroma Manicure and Pedicure also provide exfoliation and incorporate a relaxing massage using geranium, grapefruit, and lavender essences. Following your nail services, you are sure to be looking and feeling your best. 

Experience World-Class Wellness on Kiawah Island

The Kiawah Island Club is dedicated to helping Members nurture their minds, body, and soul each and every day. In addition to the Sasanqua Spa, we also have other various amenities geared toward the pursuit of healthy living. Our 9,000 square foot Sports Pavilion with high-tech cardio equipment, sleek weight rooms, and group classes help Members reach their fitness goals. And for health-conscious diners, our culinary spots around the Island utilize fresh produce, meat, and seafood to create nutrient-dense meals. 

Not to mention, simply spending time in nature soaking up the sun does wonders for wellness. With vast landscapes and winding waterways, Kiawah Island residents spend their time hiking, golfing, kayaking, and participating in other outdoor activities to prioritize staying active. This is usually followed by time spent relaxing on the white sand beaches of the Island or throwing a line into the Kiawah River. 

If you are interested in learning more about Kiawah Island’s lifestyle and the exclusive Club, get in touch with us by clicking the button below. We’d be happy to share additional information with you.