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Visiting Kiawah Island as a Potential Homeowner

Visiting Kiawah Island as a Potential Homeowner

July 10, 2021

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Experience Kiawah Island and Discover Your Future Here

Visiting a new place is often a necessary step before purchasing there. Although Kiawah Island is often touted as one of the best places to live in the nation, we believe you should see it for yourself to discover its beauty and grandeur. 

We invite you to fall in love with Kiawah, just as so many of our residents have. As part of our dedication to showing others what the Island has to offer, our team of Sales Experts are here to help you plan a curated visit to experience it all for yourself, club amenities, and real estate included. 

Here are our recommendations for things to do when visiting Kiawah Island as a potential homeowner. 

1. Meet the Neighborhoods

The Island is divided into five distinct communities; Ocean Park, Vanderhorst, East Beach, West Beach, and Cassique. Despite being private, our Sales Expert can show you around the communities. 

Each community offers different amenities — whether access to a private waterway, proximity to the Island’s exclusive spa, or a gorgeous clubhouse, homebuyers can find a community that best suits their needs. The Kiawah Island Community Association amenities are available to all residents, while Kiawah Island Club Members have access to all private club amenities on the entire Island. 

Amenities aren’t the only reason you might choose a particular neighborhood over another. Kiawah Island homes are designed to blend into the natural surroundings while retaining a distinctive architectural style. 

Ocean Park

Ocean Park, for instance, is the Island’s largest community and home to The Ocean  Course. Homes in the community are built with a Southern beach house aesthetic that is reminiscent of the Lowcountry. The vast majority of homes have multiple levels with plenty of outdoor areas to enjoy the waterfront views. Exteriors include an earthy color palette with natural stone and other materials. Below are the various neighborhoods that make up Ocean Park.


Front Nine Lane

Marsh Walk

The Cottages at Marsh Walk

See why the Ocean Park community is worth exploring.


In Cassique, the neighborhood is built around the Cassique Golf Course, a links-style venue identical to the famous courses in the UK and Ireland. So, the homes and clubhouse tend to be designed with elements of both the Lowcountry and Great Britain’s rural estates. There is a lot of charm in Cassique, from stone pathways to the famous Art and Crafts style. 


The Estuary

Eagle Island

Cassique Clubhouse Village

Discover the community of Cassique on Kiawah Island.

2. Come to Freshfields Village

Stop by Freshfields Village to get to know what’s available to you on the Island. When living here, Freshfields Village will soon become your one-stop shop for every need. Whether you’re running errands or shopping, you can find anything you need here. You can shop at specialty stores, grocery stores, restaurants and bars, and at medical offices, among other things in this beautiful village. Throughout the year, Freshfields also hosts various events like holiday parties and movie nights under the stars. 

Across from Freshfields, a new luxury senior living center and emergency medical center are in the process of being completed. Both were added to accommodate the growing population of the Island. Residents can rest easy knowing top-rated healthcare for seniors and emergencies will now be just minutes away. 

3. Discover the History and Its People

Charleston, one of the first settlements in America, leaves a great deal of history on Kiawah Island. The landscape tells a complex story, one of native tribes, onshore battles, and indigo farms. Originally, Kiawah’s natives lived here. Cassique, or the Chieftain, influenced the history of the Island greatly, as you can see by its namesake. 

Among its beautiful diversity of people, the Lowcountry exudes a unique charm. You will find that Kiawah reflects the friendly culture that large Southern cities, such as Charleston, are known for. 

4. Spend Time Exploring

The landscape is decorated with a variety of terrains. The natural beauty of the Island attracts visitors, but it’s the adventure you can look forward to that makes you stay. 

Winding creeks cut through marshes of tall grasses, providing a perfect frame for enchanting sunsets. Just turn a corner and there are miles of sandy beaches and dark blue Atlantic Ocean waves. As you approach the northern tip of the Island, you run into the magnificent Kiawah River, home to the local Bottlenose dolphin population among many other beautiful wildlife. 

The adventure doesn’t end there. Throughout each neighborhood are stocked fishing ponds and lagoons that only add to the overall beauty. Miles of parkland surround Ocean Park, while the British-inspired Cassique neighborhood boasts rose gardens. You are welcome to discover, savor, and enjoy all this. 

5. Golf Your Way Across the Island

Among the many things there is to do on Kiawah, golf is by far the most popular due to the seven golf courses available. You won’t find fairways like this anywhere else; these are signature courses designed by some of the greatest names in golf. The Island offers five courses for residents and visitors alike, however Club Members also have access to Cassique and River Course.

Be Our Guest, Visit Kiawah Island

If you are interested in learning more about ownership on the Island, our staff can assist you in planning a curated experience while you are here. To see what Island living is like, we are also happy to take you on tour of available properties. 

To get started with planning, click the button below and contact us. We can’t wait to show you around the Island.