5 Benefits of Pre-Designed Homes

5 Benefits of Pre-Designed Homes

October 13, 2020

Categories: Real Estate

The Many Advantages of a Pre-Designed Home

Pre-designed homes vs. a true custom build — that is the question many luxury homeowners are asking. There are many assumptions surrounding each type of home, but here on Kiawah, both options are just as luxurious as the other. Your preferred type mainly comes down to factors such as time, budget, and how involved you wish to be in the process. 

Read our list of the advantages behind building a pre-designed home, and learn more about Kiawah’s top communities to consider. 

1. Tour Your Future Home

One of biggest benefits to building a pre-designed home is that you can see what your finished home will look like. Unlike a custom build, you can tour other built-for-sale homes in the community before purchasing. By doing so, you can see the quality of work, what certain materials look like up close, get a taste of various design styles, and so on. With custom homes, you can only preview renderings that give you a vague idea of what your home will look like once finished. This can make the process more stressful for those who have a difficult time imagining the final outcome. By touring homes, you can get an idea of what it will be like to live in your future home. 

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2. Choose From a Variety of Pre-Drawn Design Plans

Similar to the above benefit, you can also select a pre-drawn design and floor plan. Rather than working with an architect to draw up plans (that will likely have to be changed several times), you can choose what floor plan will work best for you before you even commit to purchasing a home. Whereas with custom builds, you can only see what your home will look like after the renderings have been drawn. To get renderings of a custom home you will have to commit  to working with an architect. 

In general, each pre-designed floor plan comes with several add-on options and alternative layouts among certain rooms. Therefore, your built-for-sale home can be more customized than you think!

3. Shorter Building Timeline

Many potential homeowners are drawn toward pre-designed homes because of the shorter timeline. In just 12-14 months, your home will be completed and ready to move in. Better yet, because the same materials can be used for other homes within the community, there’s less likely to be issues such as backordered fixtures and incorrect materials being delivered to the site. Overall, pre-designed homes have a much more efficient building process which results in a shorter timeline. 

4. Cost-Effective 

Be aware that the materials used for pre-designed homes are just as high in quality as those typically used for custom builds. However, since materials and fixtures are often bought in bulk by the builder, this means it’s also more cost-effective for you.

On average, built-for-sale homes are said to be around $32 less per square foot. This is a significant amount of savings in your budget that can be delegated elsewhere, such as upgraded features or formal landscaping

5. Simpler Process

In all, these homes are less cumbersome and ideal for most types of homebuyers. With less consultations, planning, fees and costs, you spend more time enjoying a streamlined home building process than dealing with the infinite amount of details that go into a custom home. When it’s all said and done, you will have a beautiful, and somewhat custom, home on Kiawah Island. 

Pre-Designed Homes on Kiawah Island

Across the Island, all of Kiawah’s communities are designed with you in mind. If you dream of owning a Lowcountry cottage by the sea or a modern and airy house, it can be done. Of course, all homes are designed to blend with the Island’s natural landscape. Homeowners can rest assured their home will be stunning against any backdrop. 

Front Nine Lane

This new community provides modern homes with open layouts and expansive windows for incredible views from every direction. Each home consists of multiple levels, with outdoor living areas included on each floor. More importantly, this neighborhood will sit right against The Ocean Course and provide residents with rare fairway views. Inside and out, each residence will focus on health and wellness design.

The Cottages at Marsh Walk

The beloved Cottages at Marsh Walk are charming, luxurious, and intimate. At just under 2,000 square feet, these homes will serve as the perfect seasonal home and Island getaway. Located within the Ocean Park community, this neighborhood is equipped with amenities galore and will make for an unforgettable living experience on Kiawah. 

Marsh Walk

Surrounding the Cottages is the overarching Marsh Walk community, with its Southern coastal style and endless views. Homes here savor layered vistas of lush marsh and sunlit lagoons. In terms of amenities, Marsh House and The Ocean Course are just mere steps away from the community. 

Cassique Clubhouse Village

Reminiscent of a picturesque English village, the Cassique Clubhouse Village is connected by private footbridges over lush landscapes and gardens. Adjacent to the neighborhood is the Cassique golf course, a private course designed by Tom Watson to mimic the famous links courses of Scotland and Ireland. 

View Pre-Designed Homes on Kiawah Island

Building a pre-designed home offers an abundance of benefits that just can’t compete with a custom built home. When weighing your options, consider your budget, timeline, and the lifestyle you wish to have. 

Moreover, determine what neighborhoods fit your needs. Golf aficionados may prefer Front Nine Lane, while socialites may benefit from Marsh Walk where they can attend Marsh House and Kiawah Club Member events. 

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