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Outgrown Your Villa? 8 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

Outgrown Your Villa? 8 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

January 5, 2020

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How To Determine When to Upgrade Your Kiawah Island Villa or Cottage 

It’s normal to eventually outgrow your current villa or cottage due to life changes. After all, you may have purchased a villa or cottage with the intent of using it as a vacation home, but have now decided you want to move to the Island full-time and need something bigger. Or, the size, style, or features within your home may no longer fit your needs, and therefore it might be time for an upgrade to something different. With all of the beautiful home options on Kiawah Island, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get exactly what you want. 

Whether you’re inclined to build your dream home or purchase a larger existing home, continue reading to learn the definite signs you’re ready to upgrade your living situation.

1. There’s Limited Space for Overnight Guests

Not having enough spare bedrooms is another reason to consider upgrading your villa or cottage. Some overnight guests might not enjoy sleeping in living areas that don’t offer privacy or a private bathroom. Having plenty of space will make overnight company feel welcome and comfortable.

2. You’re Looking for a Home with a Kiawah Island Club Membership

The greatest perk of living on Kiawah Island is access to the Kiawah Island Club, one of the most exclusive Clubs in the country. However, not all homes come with a Club Membership, and memberships are not available with a villa or cottage. Club Members gain exclusive access to resort-style amenities, such as a world-class private spa and two member-only golf courses, not to mention some of the most exquisite dining in the region. So if you’re interested in joining the Club, you will need to purchase a property outside of villas and cottages. 

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3. You’re Tight on Storage Space

If your villa or cottage is becoming more cluttered than you like and you’re having trouble creating storage space, it may be time to upgrade. Cluttered countertops can make kitchens look small and unkempt. Valuable garage parking space can be taken over by items like beach toys, pool equipment, and golf clubs. 

Overall, clutter can take away from the open feel and elegance of a home. Therefore, any belongings that aren’t for decorative purposes need a proper space to be stored and hidden from view. If there’s no available space to put your things, it may be time to look for a larger home that will provide you with more storage space. 

4. Entertaining Guests Isn’t As Enjoyable

A second sign you’ve outgrown your home is a lack of space to host events. Look into purchasing a home with luxury features such as a butler’s pantry to hide kitchen appliances and dirty dishes from guests, or an expansive outdoor patio to entertain by the fire pit. 

A large benefit of owning a Kiawah Island home is being able to host and entertain guests. If your current living situation prevents you from doing so, you may want to look into a more spacious home.

5. You Would Like More Outdoor Space

If you have younger children, grandchildren, or pets, and you’d like more space for them to enjoy being outside, look for a home with more outdoor space that everyone can enjoy. After all, outdoor space isn’t something that can be added at a later point. 

If a lavish outdoor area is a priority for you, we recommend purchasing a homesite.This will give you the outdoor space you desire with the option to build a home that meets your exact needs.

Read our blog, A Guide to Building a Home on Kiawah Island, for more information. 

6. Your Style or Preferences Have Evolved

It’s possible to outgrow your home not only in size, but in taste as well. Perhaps the style of your villa or cottage doesn’t fit the vision in your mind of what your dream home looks like. Or, maybe you’ve come to love cooking and are in need of a larger, gourmet kitchen with high-end features. Regardless of your reasoning, think about what would make your space more functional for you and make that a priority in your new home.

7. You’re Needing a Change of Scenery

Whether you prefer a view of the ocean waves or the rolling hills of a golf course, you can find the view you’re looking for in a new Kiawah Island home. 

If you bought a home surrounded by a specific type of landscape and you’re looking for a change of scenery, consider upgrading your view. Kiawah Island has several types of landscapes and views to choose from when building or purchasing a home.

8. You’ve Been Wanting to Build Your Dream Home

The opportunity to design your own home and it’s features means you can customize every aspect of your home to your liking. If your current living area has several drawbacks that you find are interfering with your daily life and routines, make the jump to a complete upgrade and build a fully custom home, or choose from one of our Build For Sale homesites instead. Contact our team to learn more.

If you’re experiencing any of the above complications with your current villa or cottage, you’ve likely outgrown your current space and are in need of an upgrade. Think about updating your current living situation and moving into a home that can accommodate your new and changing lifestyle. Once you’ve found your dream home or homesite, our Sales Executives can take care of selling your villa or cottage for you. 

Here on Kiawah Island, there are several luxury home options that will fit your every need. Click the button below to browse current homes and homesites for sale to see what options are available and contact our team for more information.



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