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Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Southern Coastal Home

Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Southern Coastal Home

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How to Decorate Your Coastal Home for the Holidays

As the holiday season gets closer, the decorating begins! Whether you want to deck the halls or create a Winter Wonderland, these tips will help you transform your coastal home into an elegant holiday haven. 

Holiday Decor for a Coastal Home

White Candles 

White pillar candles are a great choice for a coastal home in need of some holiday cheer. During the holiday season, they invoke a magical feeling when used the right way. Place several candles of varying heights across your fireplace mantle and at the center of your dining table. If you would like to use a votive or hurricane holder, go with glass or crystal for a timeless look. Gold candlesticks are also beautiful when intertwined with garland or tied with velvet ribbon. 

Cloche Winter Scenes

The charming winter villages of your childhood are a wonderful holiday memory. Elevate your holiday decor by creating a fresh take on these winter scenes. Display your favorite village decor underneath a glass cloche to create an enclosed winter scene. Add faux snow with twinkle lights inside to create what looks like a sophisticated version of a snowglobe

Styled Garland 

Fresh versus faux garland is a personal preference depending on the look you’re going for. You can also mix the two types to create a full-looking garland with a variety of colors and textures. Hang garland along the mantle, stairs, and the entryway of your home. Don’t forget elegant ribbons made of silk or velvet in shades of rich reds or gold to tie at the ends. You may even wish to add elements like fresh cranberries for rustic charm. 

Fresh Fruit

In addition to being used in garland, fresh cranberries serve as sophisticated decor throughout your home. Arrange them in a centerpiece bowl as a display filler that’s bright, red, and cheery. You can also try pomegranates as filler pieces if you would like a grander display for your kitchen

Brass Bells

Brass bells tied into garland, wreaths, and mistletoe adds a provincial touch to your coastal home. The gentle chime of a bell is enough to put you in the spirit of the season. 

Holiday Plaid and Tartan

Layer accent pillows and throws of plaid or tartan in your living room, bedrooms, and outdoor living areas. A soft throw and accent pillows are a simple way to display a traditional Christmas scheme. 

Multiple Christmas Trees

Why have just one tree on display? Create a stunning forest of pines in your home by putting up two or three Christmas trees, instead of the usual one. Center the largest tree in the middle and accentuate two smaller ones on each side. Decorate with the same ornaments for a cohesive look that is breathtaking. 

Crystal Candy Dishes

Showcase your family’s antiques and place your crystal dishes in common spaces filled with holiday candy. This special touch doubles as both a treat for your guests and cheery decor. 

Gingerbread Houses

Get the family together and decorate gingerbread houses a couple weeks before the yuletide. Let your creativity take rein and have fun taking part in an activity with your loved ones. Once finished, display them on a platter, inside of a cloche, or atop a marble cake stand. 

Wreaths Around the Home

Hang wreaths on the backs of dining chairs, on your range hood, and on each exterior window for a show-stopping visual. Similar to your garland and trees, wreaths can be made of fresh or faux foliage.

Holiday-Themed Planters

Seasonal blooms arranged in beautiful planters can add a festive flair to the exterior of your coastal home. Starting with your planter, add evergreen boughs as a base layer of deep greens. Then, place pinecones, birch branches, and other seasonal accessories to create a holiday-themed planter. 

Decorating Tips & Tricks

Keep it Simple

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the magnificence of this time of year, but keep the decor simple for the biggest impact. Allow your beautiful coastal home to play center stage for your decorations and use holiday decor as accents. 

Select a Color Palette

When it comes to Christmas decor, a traditional palette of reds, greens, and golds are a great choice to start. On the other hand, you can go for a winter white look dusted with luxe silvers. Or, you can choose to lean into the natural colors surrounding your coastal home and display neutral tones. Regardless of what you decide, implement your chosen palette throughout all of your decor for a harmonious theme. 

Focus on Natural Elements

For elevated decor, avoid themes with characters and kitschy items. Instead of adding statues and figurines of decor pieces, focus on natural elements for an understated look that still feels grand. 

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Invest in Quality Decor

Although holiday decor is only used for a few weeks at a time, it is used year after year. For this reason, invest in high-quality decor that will last for holidays to come. Higher-quality decor also looks more elegant, making it easier to decorate against your coastal home. 

Decorate the Entire Home

As tempting as it may be, decorate beyond the common rooms of your home. To get into the true Christmas spirit, decorate your entire residence, from room to room. This is especially true if you have children!

Wrapped Gifts

Take advantage of beautifully wrapped gifts and use them as decor pieces. Set them underneath the tree for a classic look, or place them on your entry table for a holiday vignette. 

Create Ambiance 

Lighting can create a festive ambiance with minimal effort. String white lights anywhere you place garland for luminous greenery that steals the show. Smaller lights look best and blend more seamlessly into the greenery.

Get into the Holiday Spirit on Kiawah Island

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