A Local’s Guide to the Town of Kiawah Island

A Local’s Guide to the Town of Kiawah Island

September 6, 2022

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Explore the Lowcountry Town of Kiawah Island

For those looking for an escape into adventure and elegance, Kiawah Island is a sanctuary of pristine beauty and acclaimed hospitality. With its expansive sandy shores, scenic marine woods, and enchanting marshes, Kiawah Island is a splendid Island destination with a perfectly preserved environment and a laid-back Lowcountry ambiance. From delicious food options, breathtaking beaches, luxurious leisure activities, and precious wildlife, you are guaranteed to find something that draws you to the town of Kiawah Island. Keep reading to find out more about Kiawah Island and how you should plan your visit.

Food & Eateries 

One of the things you look forward to the most when going on vacation is all the delicious food you can indulge in. Kiawah Island offers a variety of dining experiences. Freshfields Village is a delightful retail district that houses many eateries providing several restaurant options. Listed below are some options we recommend you visit when on the Island. 

Cantina 76 serves Mexican-inspired cuisine along with premium margaritas. Fuji’s Sushi Bar & Grill prepares Japanese food including sushi and other dishes. Offering fresh soup, sandwiches, and salads, Ladles is truly a hidden gem. At Hege’s Restaurant, enjoy a three-course meal all made with local Island ingredients, or bring the kids along for a casual family supper at King Street Grille. Visit FortyEight, a wine bar and kitchen, for a special occasion as you can savor high-end dishes while sipping on one of 48 wines. 

Outside of Freshfields Village, you will find some Lowcountry-inspired restaurants that are sure to get you in touch with your Southern side. Being in the deep South makes it natural to crave some Lowcountry cooking. If you want to indulge in Lowcountry cooking from start to finish, begin your day by ordering classic Southern favorites like chicken and waffles and biscuits and gravy at Southern Kitchen. Choose to dine for lunch or dinner at Jasmine Porch which offers a menu including well-prepared Southern staples like baked oysters and shrimp and grits. 

Beaches & Marshlands

It is essential to explore the magnificent beaches while you stay at Kiawah Island. Being on the water is one of the finest ways to enjoy your Kiawah Island getaway, whether you are on the shoreline or one of the freshwater streams or rivers. You may have witnessed a gorgeous sunrise before, however, daybreak on Kiawah Island is even more magical. When the sun rises, cycle to the beach early in the morning to set up a blanket and watch the coastal birds flutter around. During these peaceful early hours, you may even see Kiawah’s white-tailed deer feeding on dune vegetation. 

Both residents and visitors may take advantage of the exquisite scenic views without needing to worry about summer crowds thanks to the more than 10 miles of private beachfront. Here, vacationers can unwind while admiring the breathtaking views of the Kiawah Island beaches and the glistening Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, locals have unmatched access to restaurants on the beach, resort-style pools, and other upscale facilities.

The Lowcountry’s marshes are just as enchanting as its stunning beaches. Bike through subtropical marshes for an afternoon and visit Marsh Island Park and ascend to the top of the tower for a rare glimpse of the conserved marshes and coastal panoramas of Kiawah. The marshes are simply breathtaking and excellent for recreational activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and much more.

Recreational Activities

There are so many enjoyable and easy ways to remain active while you vacation at Kiawah Island. Cycling is a popular way to travel about the Island as there are over 30 miles of concrete trails and 10 miles of beach. Biking is the favored mode of transportation as you can easily get to the beach, restaurants, or other activities you’ve planned for your stay. 

Start your day with some yoga on the beach to clear your mind and reset. By a private yoga instructor, you are led to rest and relaxation as they guide you through a series of exercises and poses as you listen to the calming waves. With a renewed sense of energy, you are ready to tackle some exhilarating and challenging activities such as kayaking or paddle boarding. Or if those don’t quite suit your fancy, you may want to pick up an exciting game of golf or tennis. Kiawah has the most challenging golf courses and lavish tennis courts the South has to offer. After your afternoon activities, unwind with a glorious trip to a local spa where you will experience some serious pampering. When deciding how to spend your day at Kiawah Island the options are limitless.

Wildlife Adventures 

While you’re relaxing on the beach or paddling through the marshlands, you will more than likely come across Kiawah’s local species while exploring the island. You might see white-tailed deer frolicking in the dunes, a family of dolphins diving in the Kiawah River, or an alligator slithering through low waters. Wildlife sightings are not unusual, and they are what give Kiawah Island a unique feeling compared to other beach vacation spots. If you would like to be more purposeful in exploring the wildlife of Kiawah Island, consider registering for wildlife tours led by a staff of animal experts. Kiawah provides a variety of choices including alligator adventures, dolphin excursions, back island birding tours, or boat rides through the marshes and sea.

Make Kiawah Island Your Summer Home

If you’re thinking about whether to visit the town of Kiawah Island, the answer is yes! You can enjoy all Kiawah Island has to offer when you choose to live in our private paradise. While you’re in the town of Kiawah Island, we’d be delighted to take you on a tour of the Island and show you our available properties.

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