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9 Reasons To Visit Kiawah Island During The Winter

9 Reasons To Visit Kiawah Island During The Winter

November 13, 2020

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Winter Trip Idea: Visit Kiawah Island 

The beauty of living on an island is that it can be appreciated year-round. All four seasons on Kiawah Island are delightful, and each provides its own individual experience. As fall gradually turns into winter, the Island may become a bit more quiet as the animals begin to migrate, and so do the people. But it’s still as splendid as ever. 

Learn why the wintertime is one of the greatest times to visit Kiawah Island, even if it’s just a weekend getaway

1. The Weather

Although winters here tend to be short, the weather is cool and refreshing. Temperatures range from the mid 40s to low 70s, usually requiring just a light jacket. Many winter visitors come during this time to get away from cold, snowy, and icy conditions. Use this season as an opportunity to escape less-than-pleasant weather elsewhere. 

2. Play Outside

Because the weather is so mild in comparison to most other states, outdoor activities are still in full swing here in the Lowcountry. When you visit Kiawah Island, be sure to bring your tennis racket and golf clubs as winter is one of the best times to play

If you’re drawn to the water, suit up (in your wetsuit, of course) and go surfing right off the shores of Kiawah’s beautiful beaches. Those who prefer not to get wet can try kayaking or canoeing instead, just be careful not to tip over! 

3. Celebrate the Holidays

The holiday season on Kiawah Island is always a special time that you must see for yourself. Gathering with friends and family in a gorgeous place such as Kiawah is an incredible way to make memories together. 

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are celebrated with events and festivities happening across the Island. From holiday feasts to fireworks display over the Atlantic, holidays on Kiawah are something else. 

4. Oyster Season

The famous rule of thumb is that you can only eat oysters during months that end in “r”. In reality, fresh oysters can be enjoyed year-round if they come from cool waters and are kept refrigerated. Because of this, winter is the best time to enjoy local oysters around here. 

South Carolina’s oyster season typically begins in September and lasts through December. Head over to the Atlantic Room, or the B-Liner if you’re a Kiawah Club Member, to see if they’re serving up fresh oysters. Their menus rotate often, reflecting what local catches are available. When trying oysters for the first time, be sure to sip the oyster liquor first with just a squeeze of lemon. This way, you can taste the freshness of the oysters before adding condiments. 

5. Fishing

Believe it or not, fishing during the winter can oftentimes provide a more bountiful catch! During the cooler months, redfish will form into large schools, making them somewhat easier to find. Winter tip: they tend to stay near the beaches and in the marshes. 

Sheepshead are another fish that is best caught during the winter as well. Look for them inshore, near rock piles and at the end of docks. Make sure to switch up the bait you use, as they can be picky. Eventually they’ll decide to take a bite. 

You can also try crabbing during the winter months where the males can be found in rivers and creeks. Go on a warmer day, when the water is closer to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and they’re likely to be more active. 

6. Rest and Relaxation

Take advantage of the Island’s serene qualities and use this busy time of year to rest and relax. Keep your physical and mental health in check by taking the time to slow down and partake in rejuvenating practices such as morning yoga on the beach. The benefits of yoga for your body and mind are simply outstanding. If you haven’t tried it yet, head down to the beach and take a moment to stretch your body in whatever way feels good to you. 

Yoga isn’t the only solution for getting some R and R. Take daily strolls on the beach, go for a bike ride and take in the sights, or sip a cocktail and indulge in a decadent meal at one of the many restaurants on Kiawah. Again, do whatever feels good for you! 

7. Intimate Experience

Kiawah is a world-class destination, so it’s in demand all year long. However, many people don’t usually think to visit a beach in the winter, so the Island does become a bit more quiet in that sense. If privacy is important to you or you’re interested in having a more intimate Island experience, consider the wintertime for your visit to Kiawah Island and experience the Island at your own pace. 

8. Family Photos

As your family will likely be together for the holidays, now is the time to have professional family photos taken. Kiawah’s beautiful landscapes are breathtaking and make beautiful backgrounds for photos, even in the dead of winter. Coordinate neutral colors and have some candid photos taken of you and your loved ones together on the beach.

9. Tour Homes

During your visit, be sure to connect with us so that we may be able to show you some of America’s most beautiful homes. You will get the chance to see stunning coastal estates, charming Lowcountry cottages, or whatever suits you. 

Whether you’re just in the mood to look or are interested in moving to Kiawah, we would love to show you why the Island is an incredible place to live. 

Visit Kiawah Island in the Wintertime

Kiawah is alive and vibrant in the winter, just as it is in the summer. Plan a getaway to understand why residents love living here. Get in touch with us below, we look forward to meeting you.