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From Children to Retirees, Why Kiawah Island is Ideal For All

From Children to Retirees, Why Kiawah Island is Ideal For All

July 7, 2021

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A Place for All Ages: Kiawah Island Living

Kiawah Island is a place for all ages, whether you have a young child who loves to play, or are an adult looking for a little rest and relaxation. 

This area is dotted with beautiful beaches, perfect for sunset strolls and surfing, while waterways span the marsh, giving residents plenty of chances to view wildlife and go kayaking. Whatever you want to do, it can be done here. So it’s not surprising many people come to Kiawah to enjoy an adventurous and fulfilling life. Whether it’s on the sand beaches or in the elegant restaurants, adventures are for everyone. Just ask our current residents who spend their time interacting with their fellow Club Members. 

If you’re considering buying luxury property and are in search of a community that fits your current stage of life, here are five reasons to consider Kiawah Island. 

The Beauty of Community 

Kiawah Island residents have built a tight-knit community that speaks to the amazing lifestyle they enjoy, leading to lifelong friendships. 

Kids here grow up going on adventures with their neighbors and fellow community members. Children of Kiawah Island Club Members are also welcome to attend club events and enjoy  amenities throughout the year. In this way, they can get to know other kids from their community and form close friendships. Having someone to go on adventures with, such as crabbing at the docks or kayaking at The Boathouse. 

The same goes for the adults, too. Kiawah is an ideal place to meet like-minded individuals with similar passions and shared interests. Island residents tend to share a love for the outdoors, fun experiences, and living a healthy lifestyle. If these are what you strive to live for in your life, you will find the community here so much easier to pursue these. 

Golf is a major part of life here as well. While you don’t have to be a golfer yourself, an appreciation for the sport seems to be commonplace. With seven top-rated courses, it’s easy to want to get involved and start playing. The Ocean Course, host of two PGA Championships, and two award winning private courses for Club Members, River Course and Cassique, are just minutes from each other, among others on the Island. Some homes even overlook certain holes, such as Front Nine Lane at The Ocean Course.

Adventure Upon Adventure

It never stops here, adventure, that is. Your kids will love living here as much as you.

Everywhere you look, you’ll find wildlife to identify, flora to admire, and endless things to do. Living near wildlife gives you the opportunity to observe it up close. Each year, hundreds of Loggerhead sea turtles migrate to Kiawah’s coast. They come to find a safe place to lay their eggs and locals protect the nests with their voluntary efforts. Watch from a safe distance as you teach your children about the wonder of nature and wildlife, introducing them to nature at a young age. 

During your stay, you can choose from a number of water sports, like kayaking through the marsh. The slow pace and good exercise makes for the ideal opportunity to admire the landscape from the water.

A ten-mile stretch of pristine beaches provides a playground for children and adults alike. You can enjoy the waves with the kids or kick back on the beach as you watch the family splash around. Everyone can participate in adventure here. There’s no exact way to adventure, it’s all up to you when it comes to Kiawah Island living. 

Small Town Charm, Big City Amenities

What sets Kiawah apart from other luxury communities, is the blend of small town and big city living. There is no shortage of southern charm in the lowcountry. Friendly people and a strong sense of community are all qualities that make living here so endearing. 

It is no wonder, however, that Kiawah is rated as one of the best cities in the country to live with a family, and retire in. Think fantastic dining, great shopping, several pools, incredible wellness facilities, and can’t-miss events. You truly get the best of both worlds while residing on a private Island. 

A Quality of Life Like No Other

All of the factors listed above attest to Kiawah Island’s outstanding quality of life. The lifestyle here is quite different from that of a normal city or suburb. 

Exceptional views are never far away, as you will be able to appreciate nature in a way that you wouldn’t even believe was possible. Meanwhile, the buildings, which are designed by top firms who strive to reflect this beauty, are just as impressive. 

In addition, many comment on the Island’s commitment to its residents — from its high standards of service to its planned amenities. As an example, The Kiawah Island Club is dedicated to ensuring an enhanced living experience that is both enchanting and decadent. It’s not just a Club, but the key to living well. 

Later in life, retirees find that life here is exactly what they need. Living close to the water provides endless benefits, physically and mentally. The entrance of the island will boast a new luxury nursing facility offering full-service rehabilitation and professional nursing care. 

Residents on the Island are also taken care of by the Island committees, who have transformed the health care options available to them by adding an emergency medical clinic operated by MUSC. It’s just another way Kiawah Island works to care for its residents.

All are Welcome on Kiawah Island

Tell us, does it get better than this? Visit Kiawah Island to experience all this for yourself. 

If you are interested in viewing available properties, our Sales Experts can create a curated Island experience for you. If you come to Kiawah for yourself, you will discover what makes it, and The Club, so coveted. Click below to get in touch with our team and begin planning your visit. 



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