Qualities to Look for in a Waterfront Property

Qualities to Look for in a Waterfront Property

March 18, 2020

Categories: Real Estate

Waterfront Property: What to Consider 

Life is for living, and there’s nothing better than living by the water. 

It’s no secret that waterfront property is one of the most desirable types of real estate. 

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of owning a sprawling estate by the sea, or you picture yourself in an elegant cottage nestled against a quiet river. Maybe you even long for more unique waterfront scenery, like a peaceful marsh or secluded lagoon. 

Regardless of the view you have your heart set on, there are a handful of other key factors to take into consideration when searching for the perfect waterfront property. Besides the landscape, you’ll want to take into account water proximity, neighbors and privacy, outdoor activities, and even the weather to find your ideal waterfront property.

Waterfront Property Features to Look For

Whether you plan on purchasing an existing property or a homesite to build a home, the following qualities will help you to navigate your search efforts.

First, Choose Your Ideal Landscape

First and foremost, determine what type of body of water you’d like to live near. Research different landscape options that would offer the type of views you could see yourself enjoying every day, like…

The Ocean

A beach home offers enviable views any time of day. Looking out at the waves crashing and rolling in the distance is captivating, yet relaxing at the same time. Seaside living is ideal for those who prefer the sand between their toes. After all, a beach for a backyard will require much less landscaping than a well manicured lawn.

Oceanfront homes not only offer spectacular views, but also spectacular wildlife. Beachfront dwellers will experience a different variety of wildlife than those living lake or river-front. From dolphins and sea turtles, to sandpipers and crabs, you’re sure to catch the best wildlife the ocean has to offer when living by the sea.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that you may not be the only one aweing at the view. Waterfront property views on a popular, less exclusive beach may give way to tourists and visitors, which could make your home feel less private — especially if your home is parallel to public beach access. 

The River

Anyone craving tranquility might prefer a still view such as a river, rather than the temperamental waves of the sea. 

Homes on a river are usually further from the water’s edge. Because rivers are continuously changing due to the water’s flow, your property will most likely sit further back. If the river is large, the property may have a long dock extending from the edge of your property to the river bank. If the river is smaller in size, more so like a creek, you will most likely get to enjoy the water to yourself. 

Rivers also provide an abundance of wildlife sightings, as animals tend to be drawn to moving water. Contingent on where you live, the species in that area can widely vary. Additionally, some of the best fishing opportunities are in rivers thanks to fresh water and changes in water depth.

These examples are just a taste of the landscape options you can choose from. Deciding your ideal spot will set the tone for your waterfront property search, as there are many types of waterfront settings that offer spectacular views. 

Make The Most of Your Waterfront View

Kiawah Island offers several waterfront landscape settings to choose from. With expertly preserved ocean, river, creek, lagoon, or marsh views, you will never tire of living here. View our available properties with waterfront views.

Second, Consider the Home’s Proximity to Water

Another factor to consider is the property’s proximity to the water. Some homes are built as close as possible to the water’s edge to maximize views and recreational opportunities. 

Determine if you would prefer to be mere steps from the water, or if you would prefer to be a bit farther away for the safety of children and pets. 

Third, Be Mindful of Neighbors and Privacy

Depending on the location, some waterfront properties will provide more privacy than others. Evaluating your need for privacy will help guide your search as well. This is especially true if you are near a river, lagoon, or any type of body of water where neighboring homes may be built nearby. 

Depending on the waterfront setting, some properties will share space with walking paths, beaches, or possibly face another home. Therefore, the home may have the occasional passersby. If privacy is a major concern, purchasing a home or homesite with more acreage may solve this problem. A larger property will mean more distance between you and your neighbor, as well as more privacy for your home. 

Fourth, Think of The Water Activities You Enjoy Most

The type of waterfront property you choose should also be based off of the type of outdoor activities you and your family enjoy. 

A home on the beach will allow you to relax and play at your leisure. You will be able to surf, do yoga on the beach, beach comb, and whatever else you enjoy whenever you please. 

Waterfront property in an inland marsh, lagoon, or river also offers endless opportunities for recreational activities. Go paddle boarding or kayaking as your daily workout. Or, take your boat out and soak in the sights of the water’s beauty.

Take Your Waterfront Property to the Next Level

Certain Kiawah Island waterfront properties include a membership to the exclusive Kiawah Island Club. Members enjoy access to professional-level golf courses, a luxury spa, fine dining, private events, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about the Kiawah Club, click here.

Lastly, Consider the Climate

Depending on where you’re looking for waterfront property, keep in mind what the climate will be like throughout the year. A good rule of thumb to remember is the colder the climate, the colder the water.

To enjoy your waterfront property all throughout the year, your best option is to find an area with mild weather. Warmer air will also provide warmer water, which will make recreational activities much more enjoyable! 

Whichever qualities you decide are important to you, we hope you find the waterfront home of your dreams. Here on Kiawah, we offer a variety of home and homesite types with access to a wide array of waterfront views. From the ocean to the lagoon, and the river to the marsh, our luxury Island homes are sure to provide you with the view, privacy, space, activities, and mild climate you’re looking for.  

When it comes to waterfront property, our Sales Executives are the experts you can trust. We look forward to working with you to buy (or build) your next waterfront home.