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The Top Home Design Trends of 2020

The Top Home Design Trends of 2020

May 21, 2020

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Home Design Trends of 2020 to Incorporate in Your Home

Utilizing new home design trends can turn a plain room into a topic of conversation. With the right design elements, any space can take on a whole new life. 

As we enter this new decade, we will start to see certain design elements incorporated we have never seen before. In some instances, we may even notice history repeating itself with a fresh twist on classic trends. 

Explore some of the most popular home design trends of 2020 and learn how you can incorporate them into your own space for an elevated style.

Modern Interiors 

Regardless of the home’s exterior, many designers are starting to include modern elements within the interior spaces. Trends no longer focus on trying to match the interior and exterior design of the house. 

Additionally, you will notice professional designers using less ornate details and bringing in design elements that are more functional and highly modern. 

Sculptural Ceiling Shapes   

While ceilings in the past decades have been flat and somewhat plain, they are now being used as a canvas for sculptural works of art. Ceilings have become opportunities for elegant statement pieces that draw the eye upwards and make the room feel larger. For materials, sculptural ceilings often incorporate natural woods and metals in unique shapes and patterns to give visual interest. 

Curves and Arches 

A third home design trend of 2020 is the use of arches and curves in a variety of ways. From doorways to windows, the use of arches can create a soft contrast against the harshness of straight lines. If you can’t incorporate this element architecturally, look for options such as arched mirrors and round rugs to add different shapes.

Built-In Seating 

Without a doubt, maximizing space is always important when it comes to home design. One way to make the most out of unused spaces is with custom built-in seating. This design element can turn any unused space into functional seating. In some cases, built-in seating can even double as added hidden storage. Consider adding a reading nook in a lonely corner to not only make use of the space but add character. 

Lighter Finishes 

Overall, we can expect designers to continue incorporating lighter finishes this year. From paint colors to wood stains to window treatments, light colors are extremely popular right now. By using lighter finishes throughout your home’s design, your space will feel bigger and brighter while also enhancing the room’s natural light. 

Glass Walls

Glass elements are another way to increase a room’s natural light and make the space feel bigger and brighter. Decorative transom windows or glass walls with a colored trim are being used to divide spaces without making them feel closed off. 

To showcase the views surrounding your home, use glass walls and windows wherever possible. This will allow natural light to pour inside the home while providing views from various points.

Indoor Gardens 

Bringing the outdoors in is another home design trend of 2020 to watch for. Arranging an indoor garden with a variety of houseplants can instantly freshen up your home. In the right space, with adequate amounts of natural light, indoor gardens can thrive and make your home feel lush and vibrant. Depending on your decor, the garden can accentuate the style and act as a living design element you can enjoy year-round. 

Wall Paneling

Although most people won’t consider this trend to be a modern design element, wall paneling is being used very differently than it was in the past. Thin, slatted-style wood paneling like beadboard is an easy design element to add to your walls or ceiling. Beadboard has the ability to give a space a modern feel, while still feeling natural and timeless. You can also apply paneling in a unique pattern for added visual interest and charm.

Statement Tiles 

Another design trend that is making a comeback is the use of statement tiles. These are a fun way of creating a striking focal point in any room — not just as a backsplash or in a bathroom. Statement tiles can be added from the floor up to the ceiling for a dramatic effect that looks high-end. With geometric patterns, bold colors, unique shapes and sizes, these tiles will be sure to stand out wherever they are used. 

Mixing Finishes 

One current trend includes the addition of various mixed metal finishes used in the same room. Typically, cabinet and door hardware are perfectly matched to provide a cohesive look. While you can mix the finishes, avoid mixing styles as this can look eclectic. 

Backsplash Slabs 

A single stone slab for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash will give your home an elegant feel that small tiles and grout cannot. If you would like a bolder design, choose a slab of stone that heavily contrasts your countertops or one that has interesting veining. Without any grout lines to distract from the stone, the slab will look like a piece of artwork framed by the cabinets surrounding it. 

Personalized Kitchen Appliances

Over the years, kitchen appliances have embodied sleeker designs with stainless steel finishes and clean, sharp lines. A new way homeowners can personalize their kitchens is by personalizing their kitchen appliances. Items like refrigerators and dishwashers are now available in a variety of colors to match your cabinets, backsplash, or other parts of your color scheme. 

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Multi-Toned Cabinets

Traditionally, cabinets have been built to look uniform in style and color. In 2020, we will start to see two and three-toned cabinets in kitchen designs. Top cabinets may be one color, while the lower cabinets or kitchen island are painted in a coordinating tone or wood stain. This is another way to add visual interest and unique design without sacrificing style. In recent years, the most popular color for kitchen cabinets has been navy blue. 

Full-Length Kitchen Cabinets

Another home design trend of 2020 that will be seen in the kitchen full-length cabinets. Typically, kitchen cabinets are divided by a counter. Now, the trend is moving more toward cabinets extending from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor, with counter space hidden behind the cabinet door. This is the perfect way to hide small appliances and keep counters free of clutter.

Make the Most of Home Design Trends of 2020 on Kiawah Island

From the kitchen to the living room and any space in between, these top home design trends of 2020 can be used to personalize any part of your home. Get creative with these trends and look for ways you can incorporate them into your home’s design. 

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