5 Steps to Planning Your Retirement on Kiawah Island

5 Steps to Planning Your Retirement on Kiawah Island

October 1, 2020

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Our Guide to Planning Your Retirement on Kiawah Island

Planning your retirement on Kiawah Island is the first step in preparing for this new stage in life. 

Living somewhere as beautiful and peaceful as Kiawah will provide you with an incredible experience. You can look forward to a healthy and active lifestyle, one that is full of daily strolls on the beach and an abundance of views to take in while you enjoy the incredible Island you will call home. You can also look forward to sophisticated living, with world-class experiences and a rich social life at your fingertips. Know that Kiawah will treat you well during this time of change, so don’t be afraid to embrace it!

Get started on planning your retirement on Kiawah Island by following our five steps below.

5 Steps to Planning Your Retirement on Kiawah Island

1. Visit the Island

If you haven’t spent much time on the Island already, we recommend visiting at least one more time before moving here full-time. Come during a season that you haven’t visited before, this way you can see the Island in a new light, so to speak.

As you likely know, the year-round weather here is ideal for retirees. But outdoor activities may slightly change due to the cooler weather in the winter. For example, instead of taking a dip in the summer, you may wish to keep dry and kayak or beachcomb instead. Or, you may feel like you are more interested in doing yoga on your outdoor terrace, rather than in the pool at the Sports Pavilion. 

Also bear in mind that some wildlife and fish may be more apparent during certain seasons, so if you love bird watching or fishing, you might want to try visiting the Island when your favorite activities are in season. Then, you will see what life will be like for you. 

Coming soon to Kiawah: A new medical facility is currently being built for Island residents. Emergency services and specialty care will soon be available to the Sea Islands, bringing peace of mind to community residents and especially to those who are in retirement. 

2. Immerse Yourself in the Community

You may also want to use your visit as a time to begin immersing yourself into the community. Hit all of the local spots and speak with your new potential neighbors. Freshfields Village is one of the best places to see firsthand how Kiawah residents tend to go about their day. Grab a glass of wine at FortyEight Wine Bar and chat with everyone you meet. You may get a chance to visit with not just locals but tourists, too. 

Sign up for a workout class, as this is more likely to be filled with locals than Island visitors. You can also get a feel for what type of activities you can look forward to once you do move here. 

When planning your retirement on Kiawah Island, you may want to consider purchasing a home that includes a Kiawah Island Club Membership. Once here, you can use the Membership to elevate your experience during your time on the Island. Enjoy access to private facilities and amenities such as the River Course, Cassique, The Sports Pavilion, Sasanqua Spa, The Beach Club, and Marsh House. In addition, you get to taste the culinary excellence of the Island’s three private restaurants, B-Liner, Voysey’s, and the River Room. 

3. Invite Family to Visit

Your loved ones should also be given the chance to see your future home. Invite them out to Kiawah for a visit so they may see the wonderful adventure you are about to embark on. Even if it’s just for a short weekend getaway, there’s plenty you can do together here. 

Give them a chance to see what daily life will be like for you. Tour homes together and walk the white sandy beaches. Show them they have nothing to worry about, because you will be living an incredible life on Kiawah. 

4. Determine What Type of Home Will Suit Your Needs

Consider your needs and what type of lifestyle you are interested in when determining what type of home will suit your needs. Kiawah offers single family homes, cottages, villas, and homesites for custom builds. 

Ask yourself how often your family will wish to visit and if you plan on hosting others from time to time. Then, take into account the amount of space you will need for guests, storage, and so on. Also think about what you would like to eventually happen with your home, as in, will this be a family heirloom you would like to pass on to the younger generations? 

Don’t forget that your home type will also determine the views from your home. On the Island, you get to choose what you want to look at every day. Homes can have a variety of oceanfront, marsh, lagoon, river, golf, or park vistas from several vantage points in your home. 

5. Tour Homes and Neighborhoods

The next step in planning your retirement on Kiawah Island would be to tour individual homes and neighborhoods you are interested in! Golf lovers will love living at Cassique, which provides access to the Scottish links-style Cassique Course. Another option is Ocean Park, a large community consisting of several smaller neighborhoods directly next to The Ocean Course

Residents with a more active lifestyle may be interested in Cassique with its English Arts and Crafts aesthetic and close proximity to several sporting amenities and Charleston. On the other hand, the Ocean Park community is favorable to anyone looking to be as close to nature as possible. Within Ocean Park are the neighborhoods of Marsh Walk, The Cottages at Marsh Walk, and Front Nine Lane, the Island’s newest debut. 

Touring homes and neighborhoods will give you an idea of what to expect from your home, its design and features, nearby amenities, the community, and so on. 

Homes designed with a focus on your health and wellness are important when planning your retirement on Kiawah Island. Learn more about health and wellness design in Kiawah homes. 

Work With Us When Planning Your Retirement on Kiawah Island

We can’t wait to show you what Kiawah is all about. Life here is grand, and with so much to do right on the Island, don’t be surprised if you don’t have much interest in leaving! That’s what retirement is about, right? Enjoying life as you please.

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