4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Vacation Home

4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Vacation Home

January 15, 2020

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How to Make the Most of Your Kiawah Island Vacation Home

Owning a vacation home on Kiawah Island comes with its perks. In fact, many qualifying homes and homesites are paired with a membership to the Kiawah Island Club, granting homeowners access to the Island’s most luxurious dining, events, and activities.

Club Members can take advantage of select amenities such as the Sasanqua Spa, state-of-the-art Clubhouses, two private golf courses, and more. 

Aside from Club benefits, residents can also enjoy the yearly activities on Kiawah Island as well as nearby destinations such as Charleston. Not to mention shopping at Freshfields Village, a local favorite for boutique shopping and dining. 

Prior to purchasing a vacation home, there are always things to consider. One of which being how much you plan to use your vacation home once it’s yours. From an event oasis to a family destination, here are four ways you can make the most of your vacation home purchase.

1. Use Your Home as a Second Home Base

For those with distant or growing family, a vacation home can be used as a gathering place for your family. By making your vacation home a second home base, you can give your family a set place to reconnect with each other during the year that may not be otherwise possible.

This way, you can enjoy a family vacation in your own space and not be concerned with booking hotel rooms in an unfamiliar place. Additionally, if you purchase a vacation home in an area with a mild climate, you’re not limited to a specific season to host your family gatherings. 

And The Kiawah Island Club makes it as easy as ever to potentially rent it while you’re away!  Purchasing a qualifying home or cottage through Kiawah Island Club and Real Estate allows you the option to rent your home exclusively to other Club Members and have the rentals managed entirely through KIC. You don’t have to lift a finger. What could be easier?

Read our blog to determine which vacation home type would work best for your family. 

2. Use Your Home to Host Events

One of the most sentimental ways you can use your vacation home is as a venue for hosting events. From birthday parties to holiday celebrations, your vacation home can be used as the go-to spot for special family get-togethers. Not only will this bring together the ones closest to you, but also offer a mini vacation for family and friends.

If your home accompanies a scenic view, it may be the ideal venue for wedding rehearsals, receptions, or even intimate ceremonies. As the backdrop for some of life’s most important moments, your vacation home will become priceless to you and the ones you love. 

3. Use Your Home for Retirement

A second house is a viable option to consider as somewhere to retire later in life as well. While using your vacation home part-time, you can meet new friends and explore the shops, restaurants, and activities around your vacation home. Once you’re ready to retire, you can easily transition into your vacation home full-time, while still enjoying the same routine and activities that you became familiar with before.

If you’d like to set up an experiential weekend on Kiawah Island to get a taste of what it would be like to live here, reach out to our team of expert Sales Executives for more information. 

4. Use Your Home as a Family Heirloom

Your vacation home is a priceless heirloom you can pass down to the next generation, where your family can enjoy the home and create their own memories. If your vacation home was used in any of the ways mentioned so far, the house will have incredible meaning to the younger generations who are receiving it. 

By passing your vacation home on to loved ones, you can ensure that your home-away-from-home continues serving its purpose as a gathering place for family for years to come.

Making the Most of Your Kiawah Island Vacation Home

Keep special benefits like these in mind when deciding on where to buy your vacation home. Spectacular amenities such as these bring more value to your home, along with more memorable experiences.

A vacation home can grant you so much more than just a yearly vacation. We believe your vacation home should be a significant part of your life and serve as a gathering place for you and your loved ones. Having a home on Kiawah Island just makes it that much sweeter. 

If you’re interested in buying a vacation home on Kiawah Island, browse our listings of available luxury homes by clicking the button below.