An Inside Look at B-Liner on Kiawah Island

An Inside Look at B-Liner on Kiawah Island

September 26, 2023

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All About B-Liner 

Set on the pristine beach of Kiawah Island, B-Liner at The Beach Club is a culinary paradise that marries the rich tradition of Southern cuisine with the delight of coastal freshness. Chef Mike Lata, the visionary force behind some of Charleston’s most esteemed restaurants, has masterfully crafted a menu that celebrates the Lowcountry’s finest ingredients and embodies the Island itself.

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A Name Rooted in Tradition

The restaurant’s name, B-Liner, pays homage to the vermilion snapper, a local seafood treasure that graces the waters of Kiawah Island. A symbol of sustainability and prevalence in the area, B-Liner captures the essence of the ocean’s offerings and encapsulates the ethos of the restaurant—clean, simple, and curious.

Flavors of the Sea and Land: B-Liner’s Culinary Journey

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant coastal surroundings, Chef Mike Lata has curated a menu that showcases the bounty of Kiawah Island’s seafood, produce, grains, and meats. With deep roots in the local culinary landscape, Lata’s approach is guided by a commitment to the integrity of the ingredients. The result is an enticing fusion of classic Southern flavors and modern coastal influences that satiate your palate in every bite.


Culinary Excellence and Local Dedication

As the celebrated Chef and Co-Owner of FIG and The Ordinary, Chef Mike Lata has cemented his name in the food scene of Charleston and beyond. His dedication to sourcing ingredients from local farmers and fishermen has garnered him numerous accolades, including the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Southeast in 2009 and Spoleto’s Mary Ramsay Civic Award in 2023. With an unwavering passion for showcasing the region’s unique flavors, Lata stands as a true pioneer in the culinary world.

Cultivating Relationships: Purveyors and Partnerships

One of the key ingredients behind B-Liner’s culinary success lies in the partnerships and relationships cultivated by Chef Mike Lata. Lata’s commitment to locally sourced, fresh, and sustainable ingredients is showcased through his collaborations with a network of dedicated purveyors. 

Tarvin Seafood

Cindy Tarvin’s shrimping boat, the Miss Paula, moored in Shem Creek, supplies the restaurant with fresh, preservative-free, wild-caught shrimp. Tarvin’s commitment to quality aligns perfectly with Lata’s philosophy of integrity in ingredients. In collaboration, they have produced premium shrimp that truly reflect South Carolina’s waters.

Barrier Island Oyster Co.

Working closely with Josh Eboch and Jared Hulteen, founders of Barrier Island Oyster Co., Chef Lata ensures a steady supply of Sea Cloud oysters—distinctive South Carolina oysters with a taste that demonstrates the uniqueness of the local ecosystem. This partnership not only provides exceptional oysters but also supports sustainable oyster farming practices that contribute to the health of the estuary.

GrowFood Carolina

Chef Lata’s commitment to locally sourced produce is amplified through his involvement with GrowFood Carolina. This organization acts as a hub connecting over one hundred growers with restaurants, groceries, and institutions. Lata’s partnership with GrowFood Carolina ensures that B-Liner has access to a diverse array of fresh, high-quality ingredients year-round, elevating the dining experience.

Crafting the Perfect Pairing

Beyond the culinary delights, B-Liner boasts a thoughtfully curated selection of beverages. Craft cocktails and an extensive wine list, featuring both global and local vintages, provide the perfect complement to the menu. With an attentive and knowledgeable staff ready to offer guidance, every sip is tailored to enhance the dining experience.

B-Liner’s Inviting Ambiance

The restaurant’s ambiance effortlessly blends coastal charm with contemporary elegance. The interior design exhibits the Island’s natural beauty with its coastal-inspired color palette, nautical elements, and warm lighting. This creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that sets the stage for memorable dining experiences.


A Culinary Vision Beyond Boundaries

In his new role as Culinary Advisor, Chef Mike Lata’s culinary influence extends far beyond the boundaries of B-Liner, such as The Shack at The Beach Club, Marsh House, River Room, Voysey’s, and The Living Room at Cassique. Additionally, exciting new concepts are on the horizon, including the highly anticipated venue The Cape Club, set to open its doors in early 2024. At every corner of the Club, Lata’s devotion to incorporating locally sourced produce and seafood ensures that each bite you take reflects the flavors of Kiawah Island.

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