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When it comes to the business of selling your Kiawah property, we know you have a choice as to which real estate brokerage firm you select to represent you.   Below are the key differentiating factors when you list with Kiawah Island Real Estate.

When it comes to the business of selling your Kiawah property, we know you have a choice as to which real estate brokerage firm you select to represent you.  the key differentiating factors when you list with Kiawah Island Real Estate


Advertising in high end publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Town & Country, Golfweek, Garden & Gun,Forbes, Robb Report, Ivy League Alumni Magazines, Worth Magazine, and many more, we get the word out to highly qualified potential buyers.

Public Relations

Kiawah Island Real Estate has retained national public relations firm Malloy & Co. to oversee press and marketing initiatives. With a focus on real estate, Malloy & Co. has represented some of the foremost realtors in the country and garnered consistent placement for their client’s listings in top tier national, regional, and international publications.


Kiawah Island has partnered with luxury brands to expose their clientele to our listings. Most recently, we partnered with NetJets, a private aviation company built on fractional ownership, inviting their owners for a “Discovery Stay” so they may experience life as a Kiawah Island resident on their own time. 


With only a highly targeted approach, we place media in premium online sites and employ tactics like retargeting to re-engage prospects that have visited our website.


Throughout the year, Kiawah Island Real Estate hosts events in various feeder markets throughout the country. These events allow us to properly thank our owners in their hometowns, while also serving as a way for current owners to easily introduce their friends to Kiawah by inviting them to attend the event.


After undergoing a brand refresh, we launched a brand-new website where your home will be prominently displayed with more features and content than ever before. A recent survey of Kiawah property buyers found that 69% had used our website while looking for their Kiawah home.


We publish your property not only on our website but on ListHub, pushing your listing to hundreds of sites including, and


With a qualified and growing database of more than 12,000 buyers and prospects, we strategically deploy email communications introducing our listings and exposing them to life at Kiawah.  

Marketing Muscle

Investing more than $3M each year in our marketing efforts, we bring nearly 10 times more buyers to the closing table than our closest competitor.

Award-winning team of in-house marketing professionals, internationally renowned branding firm in NYC, and national PR firm working together with affluent media outlets to showcase your property and attract qualified buyers.


More than $10M strategically invested in the last three years alone to attract homebuyers to Kiawah.  Millions invested in national, regional, and local media introducing Kiawah to buyers.

Investment in high-quality market research to make sure we’re putting dollars where the most qualified buyers are.

More than $500,000 spent each year to promote individual resale properties.

Knowledge & Access

Sales team focused only on Kiawah Island.

With an exclusive focus on Kiawah, we know its real estate market down to the finest detail: pricing trends, new amenities coming soon, Island access, ARB guidelines, and much more. Buyers appreciate and rely on our expert counsel.

Our attention is never distracted or divided from selling your Kiawah property.

Sellers Check List

Selling a property on Kiawah requires one critical ingredient: a Kiawah specialist. With 25 sales executives dedicated to only selling your Kiawah property, Kiawah Island Real Estate (KIRE) is the market share leader in bringing buyers and sellers together on Kiawah. To maximize your selling experience, a Kiawah specialist can walk you through the various components of preparing your home for the market. Here are a few pointers in considering the sale of your property. 

  • Curb Appeal is very important in shaping a potential buyer’s first impression of your property. Studies show that a majority of buyers will not get out of their car if they do not find a property’s curb appeal visually attractive. Buyers associate the condition of the exterior and landscape with the condition of the interior. It is crucial to consider the attractiveness of the property when viewed from the street. 
  • Repairs needed at your property should be assessed and you should decide which repairs are necessary for selling your property and which should be left for the buyer to determine based on their needs. Most homes benefit from minor maintenance to make sure it looks well cared for and to leave fewer items for a home inspector to comment on. 
  • Staging your home or having a decorator or experienced sales professional make suggestions for reorganizing, repositioning, or in some cases replacing interior décor can impress buyers significantly. In fact, studies show that buyers pay more for staged homes. 
  • Sales Time Frame for selling your home is an important consideration when discussing price and positioning of your home with your sales professional.

Kiawah Island Real Estate Has Brought More Than 12,500 Kiawah Buyers
To The Closing Table In Our 42-Year History.

We’d love to see you at the closing table, too.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of 50+  focused exclusively on bringing buyers to Kiawah. Nowhere else. The sales team is supported by in-house legal and marketing teams, the latter of which invests millions each year to procure buyers for our listings.


Three On-Island Sales Offices

Our sales offices are strategically located in Freshfields Village, The Sanctuary Hotel, and just outside the front gate to the Island to intercept Buyers. No other firm has an on-Island presence.


Market Leader

In 2019, we sold 186 Properties while the next closest firm sold just 26. In addition, Kiawah Island Real Estate has successfully brought more than 12,700 Kiawah property buyers to the closing table during our 43-year history.


We Invest Millions

We literally invest millions of dollars to bring buyers.  This includes a national PR firm bringing exposure to your listing, digital marketing and advertising agency to generate qualified buyers online, sophisticated database system to track buyer profiles, and cutting edge technology to make your listing available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Exclusive Access

We are the only firm with access to the private Kiawah Island Club and the amenities that interest buyers. We also work closely with our master developer Kiawah Partners, Kiawah Island Community Association, Kiawah Island Golf Resort, and more.


Reinvesting Into the Island

Our parent company, Kiawah Partners, has invested more than $59 million into the Island and amenities we love since 2013, and they have plans to invest millions more in the near term.


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We would love to discuss your home with you and how Kiawah Island Real Estate can help get maximum value for your listing.