Buying & Selling Why aren't we on MLS?

The Island Life People & Community

The MLS serves many markets very well. But the Kiawah market is a unique market, requiring an expertise culled exclusively from 100% focus on the Island and its offerings. Our agents bring that expertise to every transaction through continuing relations with the ARB, the Kiawah Island Club, the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, and residents, which are nurtured through daily on-Island interactions.

As the single largest purchase or sale that most people will make in a lifetime, a real estate transaction requires careful consideration, comprehensive knowledge, and finesse. When it comes to Kiawah Island, we’re the experts in all three, with a full-time staff of Sales Executives, many of whom have served the community for over thirty years, and the only real estate service provider with offices on-Island in The Sanctuary Hotel, Freshfields Village, and the Main Gate of Kiawah in addition to a downtown Charleston location.