The Art of Giving Back: The Harold Varner III Foundation

The Art of Giving Back: The Harold Varner III Foundation

March 4, 2022

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The Kiawah Island Club and the HV3 Foundation

As part of our Advance Kiawah Initiative to enable racial, social, and economic progress, the Kiawah Island Club has partnered with the HV3 Foundation. Founded by world-class golfer Harold Varner III, this foundation was created with the goal of advocating for youths in sports. 

Continue reading to learn more about our partnership with the HV3 Foundation.

Get to Know Harold Varner III

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Harold Varner III is a professional golfer and PGA Tour Champion. He played at the collegiate level for East Carolina University where he was the school’s first golfer to be named Conference USA player of the year. Throughout his professional career, he has earned several notable victories. In December of 2016, he won the Australian PGA Championship making him only the second American to receive first place and the third black man to win on the European Tour. Just recently in February 2022, he also took home first place in the PIF Saudi International by sinking a 90-foot putt for eagle on the final hole.

Harold Varner III credits much of his success to a youth program at his local course that allowed him to play golf at a greatly reduced cost. This opportunity enabled him to practice and hone his skills while removing the financial burden from his family. In fact, he believes that if it wasn’t for that program, he would never have earned a scholarship to attend East Carolina University and go on to play in the PGA tour. This realization is what led him to create the HV3 Foundation, which aims to create similar opportunities for children and teens to get involved in sports at an affordable price. 

The Cost of Youths in Sports

The long-term benefits children receive from being involved in sports are unparalleled. Not only does playing a sport keep them healthy and active, it also helps kids and teens develop social skills, learn self-discipline, and practice working as a team. 

However, the number of children and teens enrolled in sports is rapidly declining. Due to the rising cost of equipment and programs, many families are not financially able to afford the costs associated with sports. A study conducted by Utah State University found that the average family spends approximately $2,292 on sports. For the average family, paying this amount can be a large burden that many cannot afford to take on. 

The Mission of the HV3 Foundation

Founded in 2019, Harold Varner III created the HV3 Foundation with the mission to provide affordable assistance to youths in sports. Because of the rising cost of entry and access to sports, the foundation aims to provide financial assistance for equipment, programs, instruction, and other means of participation. The HV3 Foundation believes that one’s financial situation should never prevent an athlete from cultivating his or her passion for sports. 

In accordance with their mission, the HV3 Foundation hosts an annual invitational tournament for junior golfers to compete in an effort to grow the game for children of all backgrounds. They have also raised and donated several thousand dollars to sports teams across the country, such as the Drew Charter Golf Team, who are the first all-black golf team to win the State Championship. Throughout the years, the HV3 Foundation has also hosted several raffles to raise money and sponsored programs to encourage children to get involved with sports and go after their dreams. 

HV3 Foundation

Drew Charter Golf Team via the HV3 Foundation

Our Partnership with the HV3 Foundation 

Through our partnership with the HV3 Foundation and the Advance Kiawah Initiative, the Kiawah Island Club and our partners have made several donations to support HV3 sporting events and tournaments. We are also currently planning a charity golf tournament with the foundation for next Fall set to take place here on the Island.

Join Us in Creating Opportunities for Young Athletes

The HV3 Foundation’s mission aligns with our Advance Kiawah Initiative to create change in our community through inclusion on the Island. Under this partnership, we’re looking forward to empowering youths in our community through a shared love of sports. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to get involved with the HV3 Foundation or any of our other community outreach projects. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to creating lasting change through this partnership. 

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