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Kiawah is a quick, 33-mile trip from Charleston International Airport (CHS), and 10 miles from Charleston Executive Airport (JZI).

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A causeway joins this private island to the mainland, so getting here is easy.


The Island consists of 10,000 acres of land, is more than 10 miles long, and is 1.5 miles at the widest point. There are 30 miles of paved trails and 10 miles of beach.

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Kiawah Island weather is temperate, with an average high winter temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and an average high summer temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, the coldest month is January, the warmest is July, and the rainiest is August.

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Kiawah Island is home to 18 species of mammals (including dolphins, red foxes, bobcats, white-tailed deer, and river otters), 30+ species of reptiles (including American alligators, Loggerhead sea turtles, and diamondback terrapins), and 300 species of birds (including Wilson’s plovers, Least terns, king rails, and nighthawks).

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Incorporated in 1998



Kiawah Island’s full-time resident population is approximately 1,400, with tourist and part-time resident population numbers ranging between 8,000 to 10,000 per day during the summer; the median age is 61 years old.



Incorporated in 1988, the Town of Kiawah aims at providing a responsive local government and maintaining local control of available, existing technical services by interfacing with boards and committees. It operates as a Mayor-Council form of government.

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Managing Partners: Developer Kiawah Partners and Kiawah Island Real Estate work with a strong team of experts, including the Town of Kiawah, The Kiawah Island Community Association, and Kiawah Island Golf Resort to ensure life on the Island runs smoothly. Other managing partners include the following organizations:

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The Town of Kiawah Island: The mayor and four council members set overall policy in matters concerning the operation of the Town’s affairs and ensure that the policies established by the Town Council are performed effectively.

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Kiawah Island Community Association: A mandatory-membership, not-for-profit corporation that manages the businesses and properties that contribute to the overall ambience and property values of Kiawah Island. This includes maintenance of the roads, ponds, landscaping, leisure trails, other common areas, and facilities including The Sandcastle, the Cinder Creek Pavilion, and Rhett’s Bluff. This infrastructure and these facilities are owned in common by all Kiawah property owners.

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Kiawah Island Golf Resort: Manages The Sanctuary Hotel, The Sanctuary Spa, Kiawah Island Golf Resort Villa rentals, the Kiawah Island Tennis Resort, The Golf Learning Center, Night Heron Park, and the five resort golf courses on the Island (The Ocean Course, Turtle Point, Osprey Point, Oak Point, and Cougar Point).