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An Overview of Year-Round Living on Kiawah Island

An Overview of Year-Round Living on Kiawah Island

January 10, 2022

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A Look at Living on Kiawah Island Year Round

Luxury homeowners have been “on the move” since the start of the pandemic, searching for a place to call home that offers resort-style living where travel isn’t necessary. 

Perhaps you are wanting a second home to retreat to, or simply looking for a change of pace from where you live now. The beauty of living on Kiawah Island year round is in its seasonality, where a new flavor of adventure and wonder is brought on by each season. 

Discover the joys of living on Kiawah Island by reading below.

Beautiful Weather in the Forecast

The mild weather of the Island is one of its biggest appeals, which explains why it’s so attractive to luxury homebuyers. The weather here is mild in comparison to other popular regions on the East Coast, such as Atlanta, D.C., and New York. As opposed to these cities, Kiawah offers warm weather the majority of the year, plus ocean breezes without the frigid temperatures or snow. 

Plus, Kiawah boasts over 200 days of sunny weather, allowing for gorgeous views of the landscape and wonderful days spent outdoors. Mild temperatures allow you to make the most of your time, as your daily pleasures are seldom interrupted by the weather. Moreover, it serves as an exceptional winter retreat for retirees looking to escape the cold. 

The Fun Continues Throughout the Year

Summer days include frequent visits to one of the many upscale swimming pools and world-class fairways. Outdoor concerts and family-friendly festivals are regularly held at the town’s Freshfields Village. 

Season by season, there are few differences in what you can do outdoors when living on Kiawah Island year round. During the colder months, you may sacrifice swimming in the ocean, but even then, many of our residents take part in winter swims to reap the benefits! Water sports including paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and crabbing, as well as time spent on the beach remain extremely popular and enjoyable during this time. 

Other outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, pickleball, and clay shooting are still in demand throughout the year. If the Island is expecting unfavorable weather in the forecast, indoor activities such as the Golf Learning Center and Sports Pavilion are always an option for Club Members. 

Our Members maintain their social calendars with daily activities and events that foster camaraderie among neighbors and build lifelong relationships. As a Member, you will discover all programs continually change to reflect the interests of our residents. 

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Natural Beauty that Defies Every Season

As the seasons change, so do the marshes and the rest of the Island’s landscape. Come spring and summer, the waterways are teeming with wildlife and lush vegetation. Now is when wild Bottlenose dolphins migrate to the Kiawah River, the Island’s lagoons are full of fish waiting to be caught, and the river docks become home to hundreds, if not thousands, of wild crab that make for a tasty meal if done right. 

In the fall and winter, oyster season is ablaze, and freshly caught local oysters can be enjoyed right off the docks, or savored in a seafood tower at an island restaurant. In the absence of snowy weather, the island showcases its true natural beauty. Bare oak trees stand tall, while dormant grasses uncover hidden treasures and the secret hiding spots of wildlife. The beauty of this place must be experienced to be believed! 

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