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Looking for an easy way to improve your golf game? Try watching TV!

Looking for an easy way to improve your golf game? Try watching TV!

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Elevate Your Game: Step-by-Step Golfers Guide

This summer, the Kiawah Island Club partnered with CNBC to bring its viewers a series called Elevate Your GameElevate Your Game offers golf tips that can make your time on the links go even more smoothly. These golf tips are airing throughout the summer during CNBC’s Business Day programming, including shows like Squawk Alley, Closing Bell, and The Exchange.

PGA Tour Professional and Kiawah Island Club Ambassador Ben Martin, Kiawah Island Club Director of Golf Dylan Thew, and Kiawah Island Club Director of Instruction Carol Preisinger took to the Club’s two private courses, River Course and Cassique, to showcase some of their top tips for improving your golf game in succinct, one-minute-long videos.

These tips, ranging from tricks for getting out of a deep greenside bunker to mastering the perfect putt speed, can be applied to any golf course you might visit. The picturesque views of the greens seen in these videos can only be found one place, though: Kiawah Island.

Watch as PGA Tour Professional, and Kiawah Island Club Ambassador Ben Martin show you how to conquer a 20-foot putt.

To check out some of the other Elevate Your Game tips, visit CNBC’s website.


Make More Putts

You’re one view and one trick away from making more putts and lowering your score.


Rotation Equals Distance

Every golfer wants to hit the ball as far as possible. So, every golfer should learn this tip, increase their length, and decrease their score.


Better Ball Stricking

Control your distance and your score with this simple drill.


Aim High On Sidehill Lies

A tough lie shouldn’t pose a challenge. And with this tip, it won’t. Keep your shots on line and keep your score low.


Conquer The 40-Yard Bunker Shot

Many golfers fear the 40-yard bunker shot. But you can conquer it with ease with this simple approach.


Conquering Greenside Bunkers

Don’t get trapped in deep greenside bunker. Take a look at this simple tip to help you get out of the sand and onto the green with ease.


Mastering The 20-Foot Putt

Mastering a 20-foot put starts with mastering how to read the green. Learn to conquer both here.


Avoiding Water Hazards

Don’t avoid this video. Here, you’ll find the simple trick you need to avoid water hazards and high scores.


Perfect Speed, Perfect Putt

A perfect putt needs to have perfect speed. And if you want to get control over your speed, this is the perfect video for you.


Greenside Wedge Shot

The greenside wedge is one of the most difficult shots in the game, but you can conquer it with this easy tip.


Ready to put your new golf skills to the test? Kiawah Island is full of beautiful private and resort golf courses. Learn more about Kiawah Island golf on our island life golf page and get golfing today!