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Property Owners Penny & Steve Reeves from Washington D.C.

Property Owners Penny & Steve Reeves from Washington D.C.


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Hailey Wist

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Hailey Wist

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“We are meeting a lot more people in Cassique. Many residents live here full-time, so it’s more of a community.”

From Washington D.C. to Kiawah

Pictured with son Greyson

Q: Where are you from?

Steve: I grew up in Philadelphia and went to Penn State. I moved to Baltimore after school and then relocated to Washington D.C. about seven years ago.
Penny: I grew up in Erie, PA. I also went to Penn State, but Steve and I met in Washington D.C.

Q: What drew you to Kiawah?

Penny: We are both huge golfers. Golf has always been a big part of my family, and I have been playing since I was five. Our son, Greyson, has been swinging a club since he was one and a half. He even plays nine holes now—at five years old!
Steve: We just love it down here. The weather is amazing, and it’s so easy to get here from the mid-Atlantic. The Charleston food and music scene is an added bonus!
Penny: We actually got married at the Sanctuary on Christmas Eve. We were married in the courtyard, and then we had dinner at The Ocean Room. So we go back every year. That’s our tradition. It’s a special place for us.

Q: Tell me about your decision to move here full-time.

Steve: Well, I decided to retire.
Penny: For the second time! (laughs)
Steve: The plan has always been to move here full-time. Greyson loves it here. It is a very family-oriented community, and he’s a very athletic kid. So being outside—golfing, swimming, and playing tennis—are all activities we can encourage here. And, really, this just feels like home.
Penny: We are just waiting for Greyson to finish kindergarten, and then we will make the move.

Q: Why did you choose Cassique?

Steve: The proximity to Charleston and Freshfields was the main reason. We knew it was going to wind up being a new build. The realtor brought me out here and this was perfect.
Penny: We love our view! We have the ocean over there, the marsh, and the golf course.

Q: What hole are we looking at?

Steve: The fifteenth hole! The most picturesque hole on the course.
Penny: We love living on the fifteenth hole. Greyson loves to go up on the balcony when Steve comes by on a round and wave and yell hi to the caddies he knows.

Q: You must spend a lot of time at the Club!

Penny: The Club is so fantastic. Their programming for events, especially on the holidays, is great. Greyson loves the summer camps, and I really love the Beach Club. Greyson also takes lessons with one of the golf professionals here.

Q: Oh! We have a little pro golfer coming up.

Penny: Fingers crossed!

Q: Tell me about your community.

Penny: We are meeting a lot more people in Cassique. Many residents live here full-time, so it’s more of a community. It feels like wherever I go I run into people I know! It’s great to take walks or ride bikes. The wildlife is amazing—between the dolphins feeding in the marsh or the eagles circling above, it seems like there is always something fascinating to see.

Q: What is your favorite course?

Penny: Well I’m biased! I love Cassique. I’ll play Cassique over any of the other courses, any day of the week.
Steve: We’ve belonged to clubs around the country, and the level of service here is exemplary. It’s very well organized and everyone is extraordinarily friendly.
Penny: And they just keep improving! They just built a new training facility at Cassique. It just gets better and better every year.

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