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With over 110 closed sales year-to-date, KIRE continues to be the market share leader as well as the price and product specialist for Kiawah Island properties. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, we wanted to make you aware of how our experience can best serve you and your real estate needs.

  • Did you know that on average, KIRE sells and closes 85% of all the business transacted on Kiawah Island?  Wouldn’t you rather have a company working for you that brings 85% of the business to the table rather than one with a fraction of the remaining 15%?


  • And did you know that KIRE and MLS report their number of sales differently?  When KIRE sells a home for $1 million, we report that we’ve sold 1 home for $1 million.  When MLS sells a home for $1 million, they report that one listing agent sold a home for $1 million and one selling agent sold a home for $1 million.  That means they count every sale twice!


  • Did you know that since January, 2008, only 4 off-island real estate offices averaged more than 1 sale per year on Kiawah?*

As the market share leader on Kiawah, KIRE has a proven track record of consistently delivering the majority of buyers for properties on Kiawah.

  • Did you know that KIRE has delivered to Kiawah Island sellers over 573 buyers since 2008
  • Did you know that KIRE is the only real estate company with offices on Kiawah, focusing only on Kiawah?  Everyone else is an “off-island” broker and sells property off the Island.
  • Did you also know that our three offices are open 7 days a week, including our expanded office in the Sanctuary Hotel where hundreds of qualified buyers stay each month?  Most off-island brokers are not open on the weekends and if they are, they stay busy with off-island listings and showings.
  • Did you also know that 90% of what KIRE sells each year are resale properties, and those of individual property owners and only 10% are Kiawah Partner owned homesites?
  • Did you know that KIRE's average closed sales price is significantly higher than MLS's average closed sales price in all market segments?
  • Did you also know that as the developer, KIRE has a vested interest in the stability of Kiawah Island and is constantly putting our revenue back into the maintenance and improvement of the Island.

For 23 years, KIRE has proven to be the real estate leader on Kiawah Island.  We offer our customers the benefits of results, experience, location, access, marketing muscle, and integrity. 

Call us today if you are considering selling or buying property on Kiawah, and let us serve you in the same way we’ve served over 10,000 buyers and sellers over the last 23 years.


*Based upon MLS statistics as of 9/9/2011.  The definition of sold is where the MLS company or agent represented the buyer. 

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