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The ocean tides that rise and fall along the South Carolina coast reach their peak twice within every 24-hour period.  Using a maritime metaphor, the most recent low tide for Kiawah’s real estate market occurred in 2009.  Since then, the market’s tide has been steadily rising – evident by the recent swell in ocean-oriented properties.

In July of this year, history was made with the sale of a seven-acre, ocean front homesite, drawing slightly over $22 million.  This impressive and record-breaking transaction speaks volumes for the incoming tide of Kiawah’s real estate market and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the real estate values across Kiawah Island. 

History has proven the direct correlation between oceanfront property sales and the values of properties island-wide.  With Kiawah’s oceanfront properties demanding premium values, inland properties are poised to demand greater values as well. 

While delaying the decision to buy on Kiawah may very well cost you a tangible dollar amount, a higher cost will be the lost time spent with family and friends.

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